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I Was Banned by a Big-Tech Email Provider… and Nobody Knew They Were Censoring!

You Won't Believe Who is Censoring Emails

If you’re new here, my name is Andy Hallinan – or “Andy the Gun Guy” for the many many people who can never pronounce my last name.

I’m the leader of a 2nd Amendment movement across America of like-minded American Patriots who believe in values to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I’ve armed and trained over 30,000 concealed carriers – and now I devote my life to helping experienced shooters become Certified Firearm Instructors and building their firearm training business.

Every Month, 20,000 Patriots Subscribed to My Movement!

Every month my social media activities generated over 20,000 2nd Amendment-loving patriots who subscribed to receive updates about:

  • legal battles affecting our rights
  • training content to advance their shooting skills
  • and firearm giveaways and content

I am even teamed up with the Gun Owners of America (the only NO-COMPROMISE gun lobby in Washington!) to grow their subscribers. 

You’re here because you’re in the fastest growing 2nd Amendment movement across America.

Then... Disaster Struck in October 2021

It was business as usual.

I logged into my email management system – called Infusionsoft (recently renamed “Keap.”)

I was about to send an email out to all of you.


…the button to send an email had been disabled.

I got on the phone to Infusionsoft (or Keap) right away.

It took Infusionsoft (Keap) over 3 days to figure out what had happened.

And it’s worse than you think.

Yahoo is Blocking 2nd Amendment Content from Your Inbox!

Infusionsoft/Keap (my email management company) informed me that Yahoo specifically reached out to them directly.

Yahoo sent Infusionsoft (Keap) my email subject line, “Who’s Brandon?” 

In this email, I explained exactly what the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon came from. (You can see the blog post I emailed my subscribers about here.)

My email was sent out to all 130,000 2nd Amendment supporters subscribed to my content. 

Yahoo told Infusionsoft (Keap) that if they didn’t terminate my account, Yahoo would block all incoming emails from Infusionsoft (Keap)’s systems across all their accounts.

And guess what?

Infusionsoft (Keap) Instantly Bowed to the Big-Tech Bully... Complete Betrayal

I was a customer of Infusionsoft (Keap) for 7 years.

Let’s do the math…

I paid $499 per month…

…every month…

…for 7 years.

That’s over $40,000 bucks that I’ve handed them.

They never had a problem with my content before.

Heck, even some of their own staff are subscribed to my email updates!

But none of that mattered to Infusionsoft (Keap.) 

After my account manager (Sean Martin) promised that I was only on a 7 day “time out” (his words, not mine!) I waited for another 5 or 6 days for the final response.

If I wanted to continue to use Infusionsoft, I’d need to spend several thousands of dollars on a third-party company (I have no idea why!) for some service (which I have no idea what they do!)

The betrayal is real.

What Can Be Done Now?

We vote with our wallets.

If you are a customer of Infusionsoft (Keap), it’s time to get off of their platform. I’m now on Active Campaign – which is much more affordable anyway.

If you have a Yahoo Email address – get rid of it immediately. 

Enter to win my Taurus G3C giveaway here:

If you want to support our 2nd Amendment movement, grab some merch right here on this website – because our movement is financially at risk due to this betrayal by Infusionsoft (Keap) and Censorship from Yahoo.

Use coupon code YAHOOSUCKS for 20% off any gear for 24 hours.

Just had to throw that out there.

Thanks for reading.

Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily.

Long live the Republic!

Andy the Gun Guy

2 thoughts on “I Was Banned by a Big-Tech Email Provider… and Nobody Knew They Were Censoring!

  1. I would like your Facebook post but just like you I’ve been banned for 30 days and this is my 4th time because when I post the truth I get banned so either I kiss suckerburgs ass and cower to his community standards so tomorrow this ban is over but the best I could do was a month so I will like your post tomorrow because I will keep speaking the truth so chances are I will be banned before Christmas

  2. They are so brain washed from the news media. They don’t see the evil disguise in the back round. People need to open their eyes and wake up America. All the democrats want socialism. We need to think about what happened 200 years ago. The British tried and failed badly. History always repeats itself. Fuck all you puppets who want socialism. We The People who are diehard Americans will prevail.

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