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Student Kicked Out of Virtual Class for Being Unvaccinated

Sitting 70 miles away from his New Brunswick campus,  Logan Hollar has been banned from attending online classes because his university believes that the vaccine mandate still applies to him.

Logan said, “I’m not in an at-risk age group. I’m healthy and I work out. I don’t find COVID to be scary. If someone wants to be vaccinated, that’s fine with me, but I don’t think they should be pushed.”

Rutgers University became one of the universities to make vaccination mandatory for all students during the last Spring, but earlier the measure didn’t apply for students learning remotely.

Hollar was expecting to benefit as an exception to the rule to apply since he will not be physically present on campus.

“When they put out the guidance in March, I was reading through all the verbiage, which was if you plan to return to campus, you need to be vaccinated. I figured I wouldn’t be part of that because all my classes were remote,” he said. “I find it concerning for the vaccine to be pushed by the university rather than my doctor. I’ll probably have to transfer to a different university. I don’t care if I have access to campus. I don’t need to be there. They could ban me. I just want to be left alone.”

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