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Top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas for the 2nd Amendment Supporter

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Andy the Gun Guy here.

I hope you love this list of the Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the 2nd Amendment Supporter!

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Let’s begin our countdown.

Christmas Gift Ideas #6: Grab One of Our Top Selling 2nd Amendment Gifts!

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Beautiful Ladies Shooting the Desert Eagle

In 2019, I was a marketing consultant for Kahr Firearms Group.

That means that it was my JOB…

(Yes, my actual JOB!)

…to travel the country and make videos for them.

Kahr Firearms Group owns the following firearm brands:

  • Magnum Research (Think Desert Eagle!)
  • Thomson Firearms (Think Tommy Gun!)
  • Auto Ordnance (Custom 1911s, M1s, and more!)

So of course, the FIRST video I wanted to make…

Beautiful Women Shooting the Desert Eagle!

So Kahr flew me out to Utah where I met up with Ready Gunner and we had an epic day shooting – and this is the video I came up with.

I believe it should be everyone’s goal to advance the 2nd Amendment – and get as many women shooting as possible!

Check Out These Beautiful Ladies Shooting the Infamous Desert Eagle!

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Where did “Let’s Go Brandon” Come From?

On October 2, the Talladega Superspeedway was the host of a Sparks 300 race in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Brandon Brown was the winner, and sportscaster Kelli Stavast believed the crowd were chanting for him during the race.

They were shouting, ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ – or so she thought.

Grab Your Let’s Go Brandon Gear Here:

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US Military Courts Rules Bump Stocks are NOT Machine Guns

US Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals has determined in a ruling that bump stocks are not machine guns in the case the United States v. Ali Alkazahg.

In an earlier judgment, Marine Corp Private Ali Akazahg was convicted for the possession of 2 “machine guns” in violation of articles 83, 107, and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

It was ruled that these “machine guns” owned by Akazahg did not meet the federal definition of the machine gun.

“Bump Stocks Are Not Machine Guns”

The three-judge panel agreed with the arguments made by the defense and unanimously ruled that bump stocks do not meet the definition of a machine gun.

The panel referred to a case that anti-gun activists pressured Congress to act on following the mass shooting in Las Vegas where 60 died. A bill was advanced by Congress, “Closing the Bump Stock Loophole” seeking to treat bump stocks as machine guns.

However, it rightfully failed to pass either chamber of Congress.

I Support Donald Trump, But This is His Fault

In its ruling, the judges pointed out that following the bill’s failure in Congress, there was considerable political pressure on former President Trump to act against bump stocks.

The panel also said that they don’t believe that President Trump had the authority to make de facto law banning bump stocks.

Here’s a quote from the ruling:

[T]he President directed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives [ATF] to issue a new interpretation of a rule—that contradicted the ATF’s previous interpretation—governing legislation from the 1930s. This Executive-Branch change in statutory interpretation aimed to outlaw bump stocks prospectively, without a change in existing statutes

The judges have looked through the history of bump stocks and came to the conclusion that the ATF never considered bump stocks to be machine guns until Trump directed the bureau to reclassify bump stocks as machine guns.

The panel also inferred to the letter issued to William Akins in 2002 for his “Akins Accelerator” where the original version was used a spring.

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Chinese Warships Spotted Sailing Near Alaska

A set of pictures were released by the U.S. Coast Guard which shows the Legend-class cutter USCGC Bertholf shadowing a group of four Chinese warships that sailed in the US Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) just near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.

Pentagon site says an advanced destroyer was among four vessels.

It is reported that the pictures were taken between August 29 and August 30, 2021, but were released through the U.S. military’s Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) website more recently.

The captions (which quite surprisingly have been removed from DVIDS) said, “in international waters inside the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone [EEZ] off the Aleutian Island [sic] coast.”

The exact identities of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) ships sailing inside the EEZ in August is unclear. One picture caption on top of the report reads:  “the PLAN task force included a guided-missile cruiser, a guided-missile destroyer, a general intelligence vessel, and an auxiliary vessel.”


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Entire Missouri City Police Force Resigns

A Missouri Police Chief and his team have all submitted their resignation citing several reasons such as pay rate, anti-police officer treatment, and not having the proper tools to do the job.

Kimberling City Police Department noting that there is a crisis staffing as police stations are grossly understaffed.

Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader commented: “It will be a struggle to fill the police department back up with qualified officers, but hopefully they can start working on that soon and get that accomplished.”

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Student Kicked Out of Virtual Class for Being Unvaccinated

Sitting 70 miles away from his New Brunswick campus,  Logan Hollar has been banned from attending online classes because his university believes that the vaccine mandate still applies to him.

Logan said, “I’m not in an at-risk age group. I’m healthy and I work out. I don’t find COVID to be scary. If someone wants to be vaccinated, that’s fine with me, but I don’t think they should be pushed.”

Rutgers University became one of the universities to make vaccination mandatory for all students during the last Spring, but earlier the measure didn’t apply for students learning remotely.

Hollar was expecting to benefit as an exception to the rule to apply since he will not be physically present on campus.

“When they put out the guidance in March, I was reading through all the verbiage, which was if you plan to return to campus, you need to be vaccinated. I figured I wouldn’t be part of that because all my classes were remote,” he said. “I find it concerning for the vaccine to be pushed by the university rather than my doctor. I’ll probably have to transfer to a different university. I don’t care if I have access to campus. I don’t need to be there. They could ban me. I just want to be left alone.”

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7 Easy Locations Any Instructor Can Teach Firearm Training

Choosing Your First Training Classroom

You Just Need to Start Somewhere… Literally.

As a new NRA Certified Instructor, you may struggle with where to teach your first class. Personally, I taught my firearm safety classes right out of the spare bedroom of my home. I converted the entire spare bedroom into a permanent classroom.

At the time, I could only fit 12 students in each class. I quickly outgrew this room because I was giving three classes per week – all completely full. As my classes grew, from both word of mouth and by my unique student acquisition process, I realized that a bigger classroom meant bigger classes – and more revenue!

Do the math with me:

  • $65 per student
  • 12 students per class
  • 3 classes per week
  • That’s $2340 per week!

Eventually, I sold my Harley Davidson for a fraction of what it was worth so I could move my firearm training business to the next level. I moved into a 2500 square foot facility, just 5 miles from where I was giving classes already. Rent started at $1450 per month.


The most important concept I want you to grasp here is this: Your first classroom will not be the classroom you will be stuck with for the rest of your life. It’s more important to get started than it is to find the perfect situation.

Here are the easiest 7 locations new firearm instructors can train their students without spending too much money.

Easy Classroom Location #1: Converted Garage


Garages have a lot to offer. They are dry, cooler than being outside in the hot sun, and they won’t cost you a single penny to use every month.

Converting can be as simple as cleaning it up, setting up some tables and chairs, and adding a TV or projector. Adding a quick air conditioning unit in a side window can transform your classroom into a comfortable and relaxing learning environment.

No AC or window?


No problem.

Leave the garage door open for added comfort.

Easy Classroom Location #2: Living Room

If you want to provide an education from the comfort of your couch, just a TV is all you really need. The great thing about using the living room is that it isn’t costly, as you can just grab a TV from your local electronics store.

First, in order to make this space work for you, be sure that the couch is situated with plenty of room around it so that everyone has plenty of legroom and doesn’t feel cramped. To get started, set up extra chairs (folding chairs work great for easy storage) as arrange the seats in an organized manner.

If there’s not enough space around, a projector can be used to project onto a blank wall or screen in another part of the room so that people have an HD view on their screens regardless of where they sit.

This can be a short term option and a very affordable way to get started.

Easy Classroom Location #3: Spare Bedroom

For over a year, I used my own spare bedroom for training. This was extremely convenient – but I was gaining so much momentum that I eventually needed to rent retail space to grow my business.

For this option, you’ll need to have some extra furniture for the class. You may want to buy a couple of folding tables/chairs from Walmart or Craigslist in order to make your classroom feel more like an office space than just someone’s bedroom.

Easy Classroom Location #4: House Parties!

A ton of my instructors use the “house party” idea – bringing their concealed carry classes directly to the homes of “hosts” that are willing to invite friends and family to attend your class in the comfort of their own homes.

But, in order to make it work, you’ll need an “invitation” system and a lot of promotion! You’ll want to have a dedicated email list that will allow your hosts to send out invites for the class…and then follow up with those people on social media or by phone if they don’t RSVP.

Easy Classroom Location #5: Rent Retail Space

So, you’ve got the idea of bringing your classes to people. But what about just getting a retail space?

You get the added advantages of drive-by traffic, advanced promotion, and increased credibility. This should be the goal of every instructor who wants to grow their business and set up a nice nest egg for themselves.

The other best part about a retail space?

Having a retail showroom!

Easy Classroom Location #6: Churches, VFWs, Real Estate Offices

The next easiest location for a class are churches, VFWs, and real estate offices. Churches usually have space available on their grounds that you can rent for your classes. You’ll be able to reserve the space ahead of time if it’s available. You should also check with local veterans groups or other organizations in town about renting spaces in their buildings.

The other benefit of these types of facilities is the increase in business you’ll receive from their existing memberships.

Easy Classroom Location #7: Hotel Conference Rooms

The next best place to teach a class are in hotel conference rooms. You’ll have access to the space for an entire day, so you can create your own agenda and prepare all of the materials ahead of time.

This is also a great way to save money on renting space because they often charge per hour instead of by room size or type.

The added benefit of a hotel is advertising. When your classes are mobile, you can market a sense of urgency by advertising that you’ll be in that location for one weekend only.