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Beautiful Ladies Shooting the Desert Eagle

In 2019, I was a marketing consultant for Kahr Firearms Group.

That means that it was my JOB…

(Yes, my actual JOB!)

…to travel the country and make videos for them.

Kahr Firearms Group owns the following firearm brands:

  • Magnum Research (Think Desert Eagle!)
  • Thomson Firearms (Think Tommy Gun!)
  • Auto Ordnance (Custom 1911s, M1s, and more!)

So of course, the FIRST video I wanted to make…

Beautiful Women Shooting the Desert Eagle!

So Kahr flew me out to Utah where I met up with Ready Gunner and we had an epic day shooting – and this is the video I came up with.

I believe it should be everyone’s goal to advance the 2nd Amendment – and get as many women shooting as possible!

Check Out These Beautiful Ladies Shooting the Infamous Desert Eagle!

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