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Los Angeles Court Allows City Switch Off Power to Restaurant

In a ridiculous overreach, the Los Angeles Superior Court has authorized cutting off power in a bid to stop a restaurant, Tinhorn Flats, from opening during the weekend.

It comes as a relief to the city who also sought permission to lock the restaurant. However, the judge rejected this demand, deeming it to be a step too far.

Restaurants remained open for outdoor dining as a result of what is called a slew of tyrannical orders imposed in the city that led to the loss of their public health permit.

Moreover, the county filed a complaint against the restaurant in which the restaurant was accused of ‘violating emergency health orders and county codes and of acting as a public nuisance’ as a result of which the court issued a temporary restraining order calling them to pull their shutters.

Business Being Open a “Serious Risk”

In a report, Business Insider reveals that Tinhorn Flats was in “flagrant violation” of the county’s orders quoting Burbank officials during late February. The officials were quoted mentioning in the report, “This is without any question injurious to health and acts as a serious risk to patrons, neighborhood and community at large which is a public nuisance.”

The report further mentions the restaurant remaining open despite everything and as a measure to curb the violation of the law, the city of Burbank obtained permission of cutting electricity to Tinhorn Flats’ property. While electricity was cut by officials, the restaurant was adamant and shared on social media that it would resort to generators to ensure business is not disrupted. It condemned the city’s actions and termed it “government overreach.”

The restaurant also launched the GoFundMe overdrive asking to cover legal fees where on Tuesday afternoon, nearly $39,000 was raised.

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