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Idiot Firearm Instructor Accidentaly Shoots Self, Kills Female Student

He broke EVERY safety rule that exists

Before I chat with you about my Black Friday Sale, I need to show you this video.

This firearm instructor is a complete idiot.

He makes us all look bad.

He broke literally every safety rule that exists.

  1. Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. Keep your gun unloaded until ready to use.
  4. No ammunition in the room when cleaning guns.
  5. Inspect the chamber each time you pick up a firearm.

And these are just the beginning.

Watch this 20 second video – it may save your life.

Video won’t play? Click here to watch it on YouTube instead.

Comment below: Should this instructor go to jail?

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Masks VS Concealed Carry: Is it Legal to Wear a Mask While Carrying Concealed?

Andy the Gun Guy Interviews Sgt. Bloom to Find Out the Truth

Walmart, some cities, and entire states are starting to require masks for COVID-19.

There are a TON of rumors around about wearing a mask in public while carrying a gun.

Is it a felony?

Is it legal?

Are we breaking the law?

Full Interview: Wearing a Mask While Carrying a Gun


Video not playing? Click here to watch on YouTube.

Best Selling Mask:

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Convenience Store Clerk Pistol Whipped, Robbed in Anti-Gun California

It’s just any other Sunday in this California convenience store when two bad guys walk in with firearms. Watch how this clerk defends himself, and learn from his mistakes.



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