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Idiot Firearm Instructor Accidentaly Shoots Self, Kills Female Student

He broke EVERY safety rule that exists

Before I chat with you about my Black Friday Sale, I need to show you this video.

This firearm instructor is a complete idiot.

He makes us all look bad.

He broke literally every safety rule that exists.

  1. Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. Keep your gun unloaded until ready to use.
  4. No ammunition in the room when cleaning guns.
  5. Inspect the chamber each time you pick up a firearm.

And these are just the beginning.

Watch this 20 second video – it may save your life.

Video won’t play? Click here to watch it on YouTube instead.

Comment below: Should this instructor go to jail?

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Is the USCCA Worth the Money? US Law Shield VS USCCA Insurance

An In-Depth Review of USCCA VS US Law Shield Insurance

So many people have been emailing us lately.

With all the rioting, looting, and civil unrest across the country, concealed carriers everywhere want to be 100% sure they are protected.

That’s why I reached out to the USCCA directly and asked them the TOUGH questions.

The answers may surprise you!

Take a few minutes to watch – then get signed up for the USCCA using this link:

Andy the Gun Guy Grills the USCCA With the TOUGH Questions People Are Afraid to Ask


If the video won’t play, click here to watch it on YouTube instead.

Click the Banner Below to Get Concealed Carry Insurance from the USCCA – Just $22 Per Month for $600,000 in Coverage

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AR15 Dry Fire System: How to Dry Fire Your AR15

New Dry Fire System Allows TRUE Dry Fire of Your AR15!




These factors have all forced people to run out and buy guns and ammunition.

There is a huge shortage on both guns – and ammunition – across the country.

Mantis Has Found the Solution! Watch Below.


You want to be able to do dry fire practice with your AR-15 without having to run the charging handle between shots.  An auto-resetting trigger sounds like the perfect thing.

This is not a drop-in trigger kit that you can swap with your trigger.  This is not a modification to your existing trigger.  This is a drop-in Bolt Carrier Group + magazine that works with your existing trigger.  It has the same weight, break, and reset. Your dry fire practice just became 100x more effective and engaging.

Using electromechanical wizardry, Blackbeard allows you to take up to 10 dry fire shots per second, quickly resetting the hammer between each shot.  The ultimate AR trigger reset machine.

Installation takes less than a minute.  Break open your AR, remove the bolt carrier group, drop in Blackbeard, close your baby up, and put the magazine in place to provide the power.  It’s a 20 second change-out.  Dry fire away, counting how much money you’re saving with every sweet trigger break and reset that you hear.

Note: the first production run does not support piston ARs, though we expect to support them in late Q4.



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BattlBox Review: Worth the Money?

With So Many People Asking, It's Time for a Complete Review of BattlBox Subscriptions

Just about every day I get an email from a potential subscriber asking about the BattlBox.

“Is it worth the money?”

“What sort of stuff will I get?”

“Are the items I get worth more than I pay every month?”

Here is everything you need to know before you grab a BattlBox subscription.

How Much Does BattlBox Cost?

When choosing your Battlbox subscription, you can choose between these 4 choices:


$29.99/MONTH + S/H

For those just starting out. Receive hand selected items, such as manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear and survival tools!


$59.99/MONTH + S/H

For the gear junkie! Receive higher value items such as camp equipment, hiking essentials, bushcraft, EDC gear and more!

Includes all items from Basic + Advanced items


$109.99/MONTH + S/H

For the professional outdoorsman and survival minded individual. Receive top tier products such as Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, Watches, and Tents!

Includes all items from Basic and Advanced + Pro items


$159.99/MONTH + S/H

For the enthusiast & big spender. We are The Original KOTM Club; Brands like TOPS, Kershaw, Spyderco, CRKT, Gerber, Bastion and many more!

Includes all items from Basic, Advanced, and Pro + Pro Plus items


Why I LOVE BattlBox and Think It's Well Worth Every Penny!

I absolutely love Battlbox.

First, it’s like Christmas every month.

You literally have no idea what’s coming in, but you can trust the business model will never let you down.

When you add up the sheer value of every item you get every month, you often receive 2X to 5X the value each and every month.

Video Review: Opening My First 3 BattlBoxes!

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Inside the Mind of a Killer: Man Who Murdered Trump Supporter Interview

I’m a die-hard Donald Trump supporter.

Today, supporting Donald Trump can be a death sentence.

The man who murdered a Trump Supporter in cold blood was killed by police…

…but he did an interview with VICE NEWS first…

WATCH: Inside the Mind of a Killer: Man Who Murdered Trump Supporter Interview

If the video does not play, click here to watch it on YouTube.