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17-Year-Old Shoots Two Felons in Self Defense – Then Arrested for Murder

SHOCK: Watch As Kyle Rittenhouse Defends Life Against Mob; Convicted Felons

Quick Recap:

  • Jacob Blake (black) was shot and paralyzed by (white) police officers. [An investigation confirmed he was ARMED with a knife]
  • Rioters and looters immediately set out to destruction and violence
  • Kyle Rittenhouse (17-year-old) was part of a team defending a local business
  • Rittenhouse was first attacked by convicted pedophile (felon!) who was shot and killed in self defense, then attacked by two more felons (one who was armed with a handgun!)

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Masks VS Concealed Carry: Is it Legal to Wear a Mask While Carrying Concealed?

Andy the Gun Guy Interviews Sgt. Bloom to Find Out the Truth

Walmart, some cities, and entire states are starting to require masks for COVID-19.

There are a TON of rumors around about wearing a mask in public while carrying a gun.

Is it a felony?

Is it legal?

Are we breaking the law?

Full Interview: Wearing a Mask While Carrying a Gun


Video not playing? Click here to watch on YouTube.

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Is it illegal to concealed carry while wearing a mask? Full Transcript Below

Andy the Gun Guy
Setting up a meeting right here. And all right. Hey guys is Andy the Gun Guy going live on Facebook right now I am joined with Sergeant bloom of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. We’re here to talk about masks versus concealed carry and all the rumors surrounding concealed carry. Sergeant, thank you for coming today.

Sgt Bloom
Hey, thanks for having me on here and appreciate.

Andy the Gun Guy
So surgeon The reason I asked you to join me live on Facebook is you know, there’s a lot of rumors and misinformation going on, about you know, what’s going on in the industry. You know, Walmart has just required concealed carry, sorry, one has just required masks during their, you know, your shopping experience with them. You know, a number of businesses are actually requiring, you know, mastering during your your shopping visit and your dining experience. And I actually just wrote a Harley across the country from Boston, Massachusetts to Denver, Colorado, I was amazed that, you know, one stop, we have, and they require the masks and view, you know, you have the mask on, you know, you’re good. And the next stop, they don’t care. I mean, you know, there’s a lot of a lot of stuff going on within the mask world. But what we’re seeing is the concealed carry industry as a whole is really kind of upset with some of the law that’s going on with, with mass in general. So before I share my screen and pull up that individual law for you to kind of analyze with us. Can you just tell me, you know, firstly, what your position is with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, and then you know, what the Marion County Sheriff’s department’s position on the second amendment is?

Sgt Bloom
So yeah, and I appreciate the opportunity to talk about this. We’ve gotten a lot, a lot of questions about it. And just some of your folks there that you know, and the follow you there. So they held the same same question I want to carry in my second minute, right. But this mass law, May is it interfering? Am I breaking the law? And what I love about concealed carry permit holders, people always ask me, Hey, I got a concealed carry permit you pull me over? Should I show you my concealed carry permit? Absolutely. That tells me a couple things about you. You’re not a convicted felon, and you’re trying to live by the law. So we want to keep people doing that. And we know they want to do that. So my job here as a public information director for the sheriff’s office, I can tell you Sheriff woods, as a spokesperson, I can tell you, he’s a strong Second Amendment supporter. And we need there’s there’s not enough of us to go around so that we need good citizens that are armed that really help us and protect them to so we support that 100%

Andy the Gun Guy
Absolutely. And that’s one of the things that I value about this community that we’re a part of Sargent is our community is the pro law enforcement, we’re the people that you know, scan for the flag and kneel for the cross and really support, you know, our boys in blue, or green or whatever color you guys are wearing, you know, we’re the ones that are on the road, you know, and as we drive by, you know, somebody at a traffic stop, we’re double checking in our mirror to make sure that everything is going okay, you know, and that’s really what we pride ourselves on. But that that means that we also care about, you know, following the law. And we you know, we are concerned about, you know, how that how that looks. So I’m going to go ahead and share my screen here. And let’s pull up this statute here. This is the one that everybody is really talking about. This is Florida statute 876. I’ll just read it real quick. You know, it clearly says in the statute here, wearing a mask hood or any device on public way, no person or persons over 16 years of age shall while wearing any mask, hood or device whereby any portion of the phases to be concealed, are covered as to conceal their identity of the wear and tear upon or be or appear upon any lane walk alley street road highway, or any other public way in the state. And this is really rare uranga concealed carriers are saying specifically that, you know, if we’re out there carrying firearms, and we’re married, wearing a mask, you know, we’re gonna get in trouble. We’re gonna be breaking the law. What are your thoughts?

Sgt Bloom
So every law, criminal law has an element of intent. And what does that mean in the intent here? So the intent of this law, it starts out with talking about people over 16 years of age, so who wears a mask under 16? Well, every trick or treater that I’ve ever come across, either they’ve got mask on so the intent of this law is the guy putting on the bandana to go in and rob the bank robber convenience store that you’re trying to buy some coke at. So the intent is a big, big thing here. We cannot have a solid case on a criminal unless we can show that there’s some kind of intent if I’m in the parking lot. I’m mad at Andy and I woke up and I just slammed my fist on Andy’s car and put a big dent in it. That’s criminal mischief as a criminal act and I’m responsible. Now in the same parking lot of walking along. I trip and fall. I kept myself on Andy’s car and inadvertently put a same dent in his hood of his car. There’s no intent there. I’m civilly liable. Yes, but I did not intend to do that. So intent is very, very big. And the law here talking about putting a mask on your face has everything to do with intent. Don’t miss that part of it. Because if you now I will tell you this, we recently had someone steal an ATV. And they let us on a on a chase on the stolen ATV. And we did end up capturing them, but they were wearing a mask while doing it. They’re trying to hide themselves from us and disguise their their appearance. So we charged them with this with this law, but they were committing a crime. While they’re doing they had the intent to hide themselves during the commission of this crime.

Andy the Gun Guy
So basically, you know, because we’re writing the mask, because it’s a medical issue and not, you know, to walk into a bank and cause problems and, you know, and commit a crime, the elements of wearing that mask is no problem. So, if we’re walking down the street, you’re wearing a mask, you kind of see the outline of somebody’s pissed or whatever, you know, printing, you know, um, you know, and the person is approached by that officer, you know, you know, this is a little bit different than a traffic stop. What do you think that we should do in that case? And I’m gonna ask you about traffic stops later on.

Sgt Bloom
Okay. So yeah, you have a mask on and you say, you know what, I am a concealed carry holder, and I am armed. I can tell you that in Marin County, we’re not arresting you for that we’re not we’re not concerned with that our concern is yet from traffic stop for speeding that you slow down, our concern is something else, we understand. And again, you look back at that the whole kind of zoom out on this picture here and look at it as a whole. If somebody’s committing a crime, they have a right to a trial by a jury of their peers. And if I was to arrest you, just solely because you were a law abiding citizen wearing a mask and concealed carrying lawfully concealed carry. And that was the only reason I rested you and I put you in front of this jury, with the jury gonna say they’re gonna say, Well, I think I remember something about COVID or something happening 2020 along with murder Hornets and whatever else. So there, there’s no way that we’re going to be there’s no way the State Attorney’s Office even will pick that case up. So we’re not concerned about that. We obviously we’re looking for looking out for our own safety on every single call. And you know, you again, it’s not the traffic stop, we were talking about, you’re telling me you’re a concealed carry permit holder. I know you’re not a convicted felon. And you’re if you’re telling me this, then I know. Okay, I don’t foresee any kind of nefarious intent coming from you right now.

Andy the Gun Guy
So that’s a good answer. So would you say that and those of you who are watching guys, if you if you back the boom, hit the thumbs up button right now to support law enforcement with all the divisions around the country, the thumbs up button for law enforcement? And also, if you have a question for Sergeant bloom, feel free to leave in the comments. I’ll try to I’ll try to ask that question. But, but sorry, to tell me, you know, so we’re wearing a mask driving down the street, you know, we get pulled over? Do you think that’s the same thing? We just kind of alert? Yeah, and how would we actually go about what’s the best way to, you know, let law enforcement know upon a traffic stop that, you know, the guy behind the mask, or the girl behind the mask is not a threat?

Sgt Bloom
So as a great question, that comes up quite a bit, and a lot of folks carry. And I can tell you, I’ve been down to the to our local tag office where you go register to get a concealed permit, and they’re busy. They’re very, they’re so busy, the gun stores are busy. People are taking advantage of the second minute right now more than ever, I think. So this question comes up, what do I do on a traffic stop? Well, what we’re looking for is, if it’s daytime, his hands nighttime as well. If it’s nighttime, if you can turn the light on inside the car, that helps us a lot, but it’s at ease a little bit more. Because to us every traffic stop that I do, that person is armed until I prove otherwise. And so we treat it as such. So if we can see your hands, you’re not reaching for something, don’t grab the gun to show it to me, you know, just leave it where it is if you’re wearing but just let us know him. Okay, so carry permit, here’s my license, here’s my concealed carry license. And there’s no big deal we’re going to ask you, Hey, I think 99 point apps in the office will tell you Okay, that’s cool. Just leave it where it is. Don’t Don’t pull it out. And you know it and then I’ll be right back with you. So we’re not concerned I believe we every every traffic that we do somebody aren’t there’s enough stolen firearms out there on people that are convicted felons who are not allowed to have them but they still haven’t magically so we were gonna take cautions the same way every traffic stop whether your concealed carry or not, but yeah, just let us know right up front. That’s the quickest and easiest way and we’ll go on from there because that’s that’s a it doesn’t really because somebody tells me that doesn’t put any fear in my heart I guess as an author I’m not I’m not concerned Am I fact, it takes it my level of concern down to the NAACP defense fair.

Andy the Gun Guy
Yeah, absolutely. Now that’s it. That’s a good point. So here employer, we’re not legally required to let law enforcement know upon contact. I mean, it as instructors, you know, happy cops don’t write tickets. You don’t want them to be surprised. You know, as much right. No surprise that you’ve got a buyer mind because that escalates attention to everything, right?

Sgt Bloom
So yes,

Andy the Gun Guy
joke. Happy cops don’t write tickets. Just go with your gut, on guns, you know, in general. You know, it’s just kind of the best way to de escalate the situation a little bit. I feel like you guys will feel safer from us, you know, letting letting you know up front. So that’s kind of what we recommended. And that’s what we suggest. So, you know, kind of wrapping this up here, nobody really commented, questions. I’ve got Amanda saying, Well, our sheriff’s office I and Andrew says, rule number one, don’t scream, I have a gun while law enforcement officer is approaching. I think that’s probably a valid point. Good.

Sgt Bloom
A good rule. That’s a good way to say things that way not to say things. But yeah, you don’t. But you get a good valid point there. And you don’t have to tell us that you have a gun. You’re a free American citizen. And my father, grandfather, they fought for that. I fought for that. Right? And you don’t have to tell us but you know, but tell us It does. It does help us we’re there for your good to we’re not, despite what anybody in the media tries to tell you. We’re not we’re not your enemy. We’re out to help people. And we’ve dedicated our lives to that. And, and we want to help so yeah, if you do, let us know, great. Now, if we do see a firearm, you choose not to let us know. And we do see a firearm on your side while you’re sitting in the car, for instance, then we’re going to be concerned, we’re going to ask you about that. Do you have a concealed permit, etc. But But yeah, letting us know if you if you feel comfortable, let us know right up front, that just helps us out. And yeah, we appreciate the support. Because, you know, law enforcement, our job is very much under attack. And we the people that do this job, and I I’ve been in this job for a number of years now. And like some folks went into the I wanted the business world left this job for a while when in the business world. And we’re making good money, but I missed the job. This is what’s in my heart. So we do it for for the right reasons. And is there bad apples and every every bunch? Yes, every every business and every line of work in this world there is so we don’t we don’t associate ourselves with them. And we do appreciate a supportive of good folks out there that do support their country and do appreciate the the founding fathers that put these amendments, these these constitutional rights into our our foundation, and we’re gonna we’re sworn when I swear, as a new deputy, and we swore some deputies in the other day. We swear to defend the constitution. And a lot of people don’t know that about us. That’s where we that’s what we’re working for. We’re defending the laws that that our forefathers set. So we need good citizens out there that are armed and willing, and do take that second look, when they pass us on a traffic stop. I have had folks out to help me on a traffic stop that we’re armed citizens. And and I can tell you, that goes a long way. I appreciate it. My wife and my family appreciate it. So thank you.

Andy the Gun Guy
Wow, what a great point. I think that this video is gonna get a lot of viewers this is really the conversation that we wanted to have at law enforcement for a long time. I did get a couple of questions through if you don’t mind. Your wire says, Can you say anything about the law under the state of emergency right, you know, concealed carrying state of emergency, you know, if you can clarify that for us, too. That’d be super helpful.

Sgt Bloom
Sure. So in a state of emergency understand a lot of things change. And it’s one of the they they put a lot of thought into before we declare a state of emergency. What can happen because sometimes curfews can go into place. And again, it’s all designed to make sure that the bad guys are not getting taken advantage of the good guys. And during state of emergency if you’re if you’re carrying a firearm, if my power’s out to my house, and and I’m worried about a vandal or somebody coming up, what I armed myself. Absolutely, and I’m talking about me is not a sheriff’s deputy, but just as a citizen. Yes, I’m going to do that. Now. It’s a state of emergency and I come across you as a deputy sheriff. And I check out Hey, do you live here? Yep, here’s my ID, my ID This is my house. I’m here. And yes, I’m armed. We got no problem with that. Yes, a state of emergency. A lot of these laws again, goes back to what we talked about earlier, with intent. When you commit a crime during a state of emergency, it can knock it up a notch that the penalty gets knocked up a notch because hey, we’re doing instead of mercy, you’re out here breaking into homes or stealing cars or whatever you’re doing, then it’s a it could have an enhanced penalty. So the letter the intent of the law here sometimes, you know, don’t get those confused with the lawmakers are writing and what we’re enforcing we’re going to force a law Yes, we’re gonna force the intent, what can be prosecuted? When you go in front of those those jurors and enter in or try to trial this thing was that big. So you had always like back to intent. Again, and especially in the time of emergency, if there’s one one deputy for every 1000 citizens, that’s about the average, and there’s there’s one of us for every 1000 of you. We can’t be everywhere one time, so we need need good armed citizens that are willing to step up and protect our country protect their county and each other. So now we actually depend on it. Sir,

Andy the Gun Guy
I believe that the law states that you’re allowed to if there’s a mandatory evacuation you’re allowed to concealed carry without a license as long as possession that firearm and while evacuating and up to 48 hours after that evacuations lifted, which is worth noting Is that is that correct?

Sgt Bloom
Yes. And, and I love that law because it shows to me shows the value of a firearm of an American citizen being able to own a firearm, it’s that viable that hey, if I’m having to be forced to flee my home and seek cover from a hurricane, I can take that firearm with me I don’t need that concealed carry permit. And the shows that our our lawmakers had some some forethought there and said, You know what, that’s a valuable piece of equipment for anybody that’s, I’m going to somewhere that I’m not from, I’m evacuating to I don’t know where the next closest hotel is safe. You know, I need my firearm there to feel like I’m safe. So I think it’s a great law. And yeah, we’re gonna back that up. And nobody’s gonna harass you on the law enforcement side for for if you come back, and it’s, hey, look, it’s been 49 hours and you’re still not back at your house. That’s not happening. We’re, again, we’re we’re realist. So yeah.

Andy the Gun Guy
Yeah. And that’s the other thing. I don’t want to leave my guns here at all. I’m back waiting in case. You know,

Sgt Bloom
it. Exactly.

Andy the Gun Guy
Cool. So, you know, Rhonda, want to ask the question, I’m trying to figure out a word that she says, you know, what do we say to the to the people who refuse to wear masks because their concealed carry? I want to get into like masks or good masterbath? I just want to talk about concealed carry aspect of it. You know, what do we say to somebody that says, I can’t wear a mask? Because I am concealed carrier?

Sgt Bloom
Yeah. So what I say to you, if you, whatever side Have you fallen, I know it’s a divided topic. Some people say I’m wearing a mask. And some some say I’m not, I’m not going to wear a mask. You know, you’ve got to do whatever you feel is right for you, as far as wearing a mask goes. Now, where it comes into play, don’t don’t let the fact that you’re a concealed weapons, concealed carry holder of a license. Don’t let that interfere with the fact that you feel it, there’s a side of you that feels like you know what I need to mask for my safety. You’ve also got that concealed carry for your safety. So don’t let those two step on each other. If you feel like you need a mask, go ahead and wear a mask and, and feel free to conceal carry lawfully in lawful places. And we’re not we’re not offended at that we’re not arresting you for that. That’s that’s a that’s something comes back. totally up to you to your preference. As far as the mass printer.

Andy the Gun Guy
Awesome. I think that we covered all the questions for now. if people have questions after watching this video, how do you think is the best way to to get in touch with

Sgt Bloom
you? Well, if you go on our website at Marian, You can you can find me under there and the public information director or just email me you can find my email there, but it’s a PB n p as in Paul, bl o m at Marion s to send me an email if you got a question. And I’ll do my very best to get that answered for you.

Andy the Gun Guy
Awesome. Hey, listen, thank you so much for joining this conversation that needs to be had. I feel that if conversations like this existed more in the community, we’d have a better, safer place to live. And we appreciate the Marion County, you know, getting on and joining us today.

Sgt Bloom
All right, Andy, it’s our pleasure to come on here and talk. We love to get to talk with our citizens. So appreciate the avenue. All right. Thank you, sir. We’ll see ya. All right.


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Hillsborough County Sheriffs Arrest GOOD GUY With Guns

Stephen Michael Frisco Humiliated, Future Destroyed

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department has gained national attention for pulling over Stephen Michael Frisco and charging him with 3 counts of carrying a concealed firearm and 1 count of open carry.

This is wrong!

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