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Where did “Let’s Go Brandon” Come From?

On October 2, the Talladega Superspeedway was the host of a Sparks 300 race in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Brandon Brown was the winner, and sportscaster Kelli Stavast believed the crowd were chanting for him during the race.

They were shouting, ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ – or so she thought.

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9 thoughts on “Where did “Let’s Go Brandon” Come From?

  1. So, when and where do we get the Brandon explanation?!?!??!??!?

    1. …did you not watch the video??

    2. REALLY?!?!?! Lol! Go smoke another one! Either way it’s not going to affect you any worse than your brain is already functioning!!

  2. Yes we did and still remains undisclosed ! What were they chanting? This whole “Brandon” thing is LAME.

  3. If you really didn’t get it…it is F…Joe Biden! The girl talking to the winner thought? they we’re saying let’s go Bradson! I think she pretended to be stupid!

    1. That’s what’s so funny!

  4. I just want a “F**k Joe Biden” Tee shirt…

  5. […] In this email, I explained exactly what the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon came from. (You can see the blog post I emailed my subscribers about here.) […]

  6. […] If you haven’t seen the origins yet of the whole, “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon all across the country right now, you can see the full story here: Where did let’s go Brandon come from? […]

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