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Florida Gun Control Groups Pushes for “Assault Weapon” Ban

In the latest radical infringement on our 2nd Amendment, gun control advocates are pushing towards yet another ban of AR15s.

The irony is these firearms are used in fewer crimes than any other!

Every gun control lobby has been pushing against AR15s at the national level. The gun grabbers are still zeroing in on Florida’s laws. They have fired off a slew of digital ads, training their sights in on Florida lawmakers during this session.

It is argued that the five-figure ad on the part of Ban Assault Weapons NOW will push lawmakers to set up institute legislative weapons bans.

Florida spearheaded a series of anti-gun initiatives just after Parkland stating the argument about, ‘Our state and our child’ which pushed the gun grabbers to hone their games. That’s what it is while we agree that this argument is getting insane.

An interesting aspect to understand that the so-called weapons were used is mass gun shooting but the reality is that handguns played some role, beefing the idea on the lack of evidence that an assault weapon ban would slash the risk of mass shootings. Agree, Parkland was awful but at the same time the worst shooting in the history of the US was the Virginia Tech shooting.

VIDEO: You’ll NEVER Guess Who is Behind This New Attack on the 2nd Amendment!

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5 thoughts on “Florida Gun Control Groups Pushes for “Assault Weapon” Ban

  1. Great video. Thank you for taking the time to research this.

  2. I am so tired of people coming after us law-abiding gun owning citizens this does nothing to help the crime but only great a situation where more crime can be committed against us

  3. Morgan,and Morgan! Global Communism Central in Florida! They always support the tyrants of the communist left!

  4. They want our guns…come and get them!!! We The People will not have OUR rights stripped away!

  5. What a scumbag, ambulance-chasing POS that John Morgan is. He’s got no problem putting up $7 mil to legalize marijuana, now he wants our scary AR-15’s. What’s next?
    Keep up the good work Andy👍

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