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Boulder Colorado Mass Shooter Identified – Google BLOCKS!

Andy the Gun Guy here.

The identity of the mass shooter in Boulder Colorado has been identified as 21-year old Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa, a new name that will go down in history.

I was first notified of this by my brother – who lives in Colorado Springs – when he messaged me a screenshot of a Newsmax Article on Facebook messenger.

See the image below…

…and then it gets WEIRD.

Google is BLOCKING Results on Ahmad Alissa!

I – like every patriot should – never trust anything anyone sends me (even my own brother!) without independently verifying first.

So I headed over to Google and searched, “newsmax ahmad alissa.”

Google showed the results below:

Here’s what I did next:

Lately, I’ve been trusting DuckDuckGo with more and more of my searches.

Sure enough, I searched the SAME THING on DuckDuckGO and I received results instantly.

Why Would Google Sensor Results?

I think the reason Google is censoring the results on this evil psychopath boils down to ONE thing.

His name.

“Ahmad” is of Arabic origin meaning “highly praised or one who constantly thanks God.”

What that points to…

…and what the media, Google, and the social media giants will want to cover up…

…is that Ahmad Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa is a radical Islamic Extremist.

Mark my words…

You heard it first here.

So What Can YOU Do to Help Protect Others?

First… you need to Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily.

Second, I want you to join my next webinar on how to become a Certified Firearms Instructor.

The time to take a stand against violence is NOW.

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3 thoughts on “Boulder Colorado Mass Shooter Identified – Google BLOCKS!

  1. He is one or the other…EITHER a TERRORIST or one of BD bidens/demoPHILES ILLEGALS!! Take your pick but I’m 99.9 percent sure he is one or the other!!

  2. That is TOTAL censorship of the press! GOOGLE and other “news outlets need tp have section ‘230’ removed and let the people know the truth once again!!…I miss TRUMP SOOO MUCH!!!!MAGAAGAIN

  3. Another Islamic terrorist strikes. But you won’t hear that connection made in the liberal media. Heavens no! That would be politically incorrect! WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE UP?? Muslims HATE us! There is a verse in the QURAN that says, “YOU MUST KILL THE INFIDEL!” (Yet they insist they are a ‘peaceful’ religion). So who exactly is the infidel? The Quran says an infidel is anyone who is not MUSLIM! That’s US!! all OF US!! Boulder, Colorado, (Or as we call it around here, “The People’s Republic of Boulder”), is a bastion of liberalism. This murdering SOB will never get what he deserves in a Boulder court – DEATH!! And not by ‘lethal injection’ – Death by FIRING SQUAD, the way his innocent victims did! At best, he will free housing, free meals, free medical care, free everything – all paid for by us “INFIDELS”!

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