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54 Mass Shootings in Biden’s America – in 30 Days!

I just did some research.

In the Trump presidency, the following mass shootings occurred:

If you count those up, that’s 7 mass shootings throughout his entire presidency.

Now, with Biden, we’ve had 54 – in the last MONTH.

At least 37 people have died in six mass shootings in the US since the beginning of March.

The Gun Violence Archive says 147 mass shootings have occurred so far in 2021.

A mass shooting is defined where at least four people are killed.

Comment your thoughts below – is this a weird coincidence that more mass shootings have happened since Biden has been president?

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14 thoughts on “54 Mass Shootings in Biden’s America – in 30 Days!

  1. I believe that some if not all mass shootings are part of a agenda perpetrators unknown but definitely deep state contrived to further the gun grab agenda possibly by controlling unstable individuals by some mind control technology?

  2. He or his shadow government are trying to force gun control. More shootings, more gun deaths and the people will want to give up guns, only if they have NO common sense. This all part of the Socialist take over. They have dumbed done our children for the last 40 years with Core Education, authored by a non teacher, and accepted by The Board of Education. Governments take over of the schools and taking the power from the States! This has been a very progressive movement and will continue if “We the People” do not take our power back and that it may be necessary, and be the cause of having our 2nd Amendment Rights!!

    1. Amen

  3. HOPE ALL THE VICS ARE liberals

  4. Them dems are evil sick fucks there doing it to try and take guns from the law abiding people pure evil

  5. A short article comparing mass shootings under conservative government vs socialist democrat politicians is interesting. Thanx. But to sell stickers and hoodies? I am less impressed.?

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  6. Isn’t it interesting that as soon as we get an Anti Gun POTUS, VP, and congress all these mass shootings start up? I truly believe it’s part of a conspiracy to whip up so much support by manufacturing a crisis so they can push their anti gun agenda forward. When they didn’t hold the White house and congress they knew they’d never be able to shred the 2nd Amendment now they are as previously stated by many anti gunners, “are not letting a good tragedy go to waste” by making as many of these happen as possible in as short a time as possible.

  7. The people holding down the office has not only allowed, but has been part of the violence (think the Mayor in Oregon) occurring in this country. The left’s agenda is to do several things under our noses: first get Americans under control. Next, defunding the police would mean the federal government would have to intervene. There would be no more community policing resulting in more violence. They are doing this by taking away our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, trying to incorporate Red Flag laws, and controlling the people through fear mongering.

    Back to your topic however, I also believe the results may be skewed slightly because Chicago does have quite a lot of gun violence, although they have pretty much the most strict gun laws in the country. So, I’m sure there were at least four people killed more often than we know during Trump’s time in office.

    That being said, I’ve never been more afraid of what is currently happening in our country, and never in my lifetime did I think I would see what is happening from the start of the position of possibly losing our Constitutional rights, packing the court, foregoing all laws to get an Executive Orders through, to genocide of a majority of the American people through the vaccine.

  8. I am not a conspiracy advocate, yet I believe that, either all people are less content under “Democratic” rule, or someone, hidden and nefarious, is convincing troubled individuals. that violence, before death is, the way to go out… Has anyone researched the future of the killers family! Do this thing, and your family will be cared for?

  9. I believe that these events are not just random occurrences.

    How do “We the People” put a stop to the political machine that has been hijacked by those that are hell bent on destroying our country and suppressing our people?

    Voting should be the way but the people are so disillusioned by the corruption we have seen in our voting system.

    We need to find a legal way to stand up together and become a large enough force to stop this crap from taking what we have away. My problem is I don’t know how to achieve this.
    Show me how we can get this going and I will stand with all that oppose what is happening

  10. Americans needs to be prepared for a war, and remove Joe Biden by force. You can’t reason with him because he is mad.

  11. This is to be expected with all of the defund police and the rights of the criminals being protected more that the police. I would be afraid to to do anything as a police officer as if you look at someone the wrong way you might loose your job or worse go to jail.

    Our liberal leaders want the criminals to run the police. What do you expect from a government that are criminals themselves. They can lie, steal and cheat to get themselves into office why wouldn’t them do the same to destroy our freedoms.

  12. Biden and his demon Democrat funkiest are ” padding and inflating numbers, ” to try and justify their agenda of controlling gun ownership mm in this country. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, BIDEN, YOU FLIPPING COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST. And more and more REAL AMERICANS, are starting to see through all of you bullshit. You’re a deranged, dementiated psycho, and you got to go.

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