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[VIDEO] Dead Men Don’t Tell Tales

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7 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Dead Men Don’t Tell Tales

  1. That is what we were told in carry conceal class.

  2. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just run completely over the intruder and save the bullets for the thug trying to attack you? Let animal control (or scavengers) clean up the POS!

  3. LOVE your video, had to change clothes

  4. I agree with Charlie just run-em over but only once, ya don’t want it to look like more than a terrible accident.

  5. But what about other states like Arkansas?
    And how do I find this information?

  6. That did answer a concern of mine. Thank you.

  7. You can “accidentally” run over the pedestrian once, then blame it on the manufacturer of the automobile for it just going out of your control. The victim’s family can also file a wrongful death lawsuit against the automobile manufacturer for making such deadly out-of-control vehicles that seemingly just do bad things all on their own (especially black vehicles, with blackout tinted windows”, without blame to the drivers and occupants inside the vehicle. I mean, if the law sees it this way with gun manufacturers’ responsibility for wrongful homicides and suicides, then obviously deadly automobiles REQUIRE/DEMAND justice be served against automobile manufacturers as well, right?

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