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Top 10 Gun Fails of All Time

Top 10 Gun Fails of All Time

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Gun Fails of All Time

  1. Andy, thanks for the videos….always pays to have a little refresher gun safety training…

  2. lol……..the first three or so are very old videos, so I don’t know if that has any pertinence to current time or not, but I did love the narration on your part with the cop and the other one with the draw-string. Rich. Just absolutely rich. Oh, and pullin’ ur’ pants up at the range and showing the stop footage of the shot-gunner’s face. Also rich. Yes, they were rich too. lol. Good job dude. Kudos.

  3. Safety should be on at all times. Next door neighbor has a gun on the table that he just bought from someone. Picks it up to clean it and it fires accidentally and goes thru his sliding glass door and they glass in his atrium. I happen to be walking up the driveway bringing our trash barrels up they driveway and they bullet goes right by me. Needless to say I almost wet myself.

  4. I bought a revolver in an online auction. I went to the auction house to fill out the req’d paper work and they placed the revolver on the table in front of me while I waited for my instant check phone cal to go thru. I picked up the revolver and opened it to check that it was unloaded. The employee waiting on me said I was only the second guy to double check that the firearm they were buying was indeed unloaded. They sold over 200 firearms at this auction. We can’t repeat the safety rules enough. The indoor range I shoot at has the 4 rules posted on both sides of the entry door, on each side wall and in each booth. Why so much, because the owner knows how stupid some people are.

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