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Trump Supporting Mom Attacked in Front of Kids

She Was Showing Her Support for Trump While Attacked… Belongings Stolen

8 thoughts on “Trump Supporting Mom Attacked in Front of Kids

  1. to bad she wasnt packing may then it would make them stop this bs..

    1. Be careful of that slippery slope you are stepping onto. Fear of life but real risk/threat? You might wind up in jail.

  2. Typical and fully expected from these feral TDS Millennials, X, Y & Z-Geners. When they behave as vial domestic savages; whether soy-boy or feminist, treat them as such; and beat the $#IT out of them and leave them bruised, bloodied and broken in a pool of their own blood. We have had enough! These two are not females or women; but wild rabid dogs who deserve the WORST beating we can give them!

  3. CARRYDAILY.ORG, don’t you dare even think about “Moderating” me or blocking my comments. Grow a SET; or close down this site.

  4. I carry everywhere now, I have a flashlight that is also a stun gun. Doesn’t work as good as a gun, but hey until I get my conceal carry it will do.

  5. Both of those b****** need their asses kicked and thrown in jail!! ??? Pardon the language, but this really infuriates me.

  6. Keep pushing us. When we’re cornered, and the only way to go is through you, guess what, we’ll beat your ass and go through, or you’ll have to beat ours to keep us down. Either way, you’re going to have a hell of a fight on your hands! We the People, are sick of, and fed up with your bullshit!

  7. They need a good case of a double tap.

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