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17-Year-Old Shoots Two Felons in Self Defense – Then Arrested for Murder

SHOCK: Watch As Kyle Rittenhouse Defends Life Against Mob; Convicted Felons

Quick Recap:

  • Jacob Blake (black) was shot and paralyzed by (white) police officers. [An investigation confirmed he was ARMED with a knife]
  • Rioters and looters immediately set out to destruction and violence
  • Kyle Rittenhouse (17-year-old) was part of a team defending a local business
  • Rittenhouse was first attacked by convicted pedophile (felon!) who was shot and killed in self defense, then attacked by two more felons (one who was armed with a handgun!)

WARNING: Whether You Are Charged or Not is NO LONGER About Right VS Wrong

I used to trust the law.

I used to believe that all I had to do was the RIGHT THING and the law would protect me.

Then, I lost my gun rights for 14-days after an ex-business partner decided to get some payback.

It cost me THOUSANDS in attorney fees.

That’s when I joined the USCCA.

Here’s how the USCCA Self-Defense Insurance works:

  • You sign up at $22 bucks a month (or $247 per year if you pay all at once)
  • If you get arrested or into any legal trouble, they cover your attorney fees up to $500,000
  • They cover bail money up to $100,000
  •  $350 per day of paycheck replacement during court sessions
  • $3,000 in hardship coverage
  • $3,000 for therapy or other emotional and psychological support
  • BOTTOM LINE: You stay protected and concealed carry with confidence

What’s the Difference Between USCCA and US Law Shield?

The major difference between the two: The USCCA allows you to choose whatever attorney you feel will defend your case the BEST. US Law Shield APPOINTS an attorney on your case.

US Law Shield also does not cover any hardship, paycheck replacement, or emotional/psychological support.

USCCA is the clear choice for protection.

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4 thoughts on “17-Year-Old Shoots Two Felons in Self Defense – Then Arrested for Murder

  1. These rioters should be arrested period and especially because they are carrying guns with intent to harm.

  2. Once again, the law is on the wrong side of this. What is classic self-defense is treated a criminal to appease the mob. I see no charges against those who attacked him. !
    Same thing as that Missouri couple defending their home. The couple are charged but nothing for those who trespassed! Regarding USCCA, I am a member and very happy with the product. Haven’t had to use the defense part but the educational resources are great !

  3. USCCA can’t help Kyle Rittenhouse? If you can’t help him, when his case has video, how can you help me if I’m a paid member?

    1. He wasn’t a USCCA member. If he had been, yes, he would have been helped.

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