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Moron at Gun Store Makes Us ALL Look Bad

This video has no sound.


You don’t need to hear anything in order to see the MANY failures.


WATCH: Then Comment Below ALL The Things That Went Wrong!

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19 thoughts on “Moron at Gun Store Makes Us ALL Look Bad

  1. One of the morons is the guy behind the counter allowing the nut out front to load a magazine.
    The moron who loaded and discharged the gun should never be allowed around guns again

    1. What jackass pulls out his EDC at a gunstore or for any reason other than its intended use.

    2. It was the guys own carry weapon, Never should have been out of the holster.

  2. Best stuf I’ve seen in a long while!

  3. I couldn’t believe how stupid that guy is, should never never load inside the shop to show someone how to load the mag, secondly the salesman should be aware and stop the person.

  4. Dear Lord, save us from stupid people! ?

  5. He pulled his own carry piece, ostensibly to demonstrate to his companion how you should perform some common actions with a pistol, which it appeared he couldn’t do on the pistol that they were looking at from the store. Then everything went to hell, not only because he pulled his CCW piece and failed everything from that point forward. Yes the clerk wasn’t paying attention but in that case there should have been two clerks because two different sets of customers were looking at guns, the two with the gun & case on the counter and the group that the clerk was showing the other pistols to. Once the gun was fired the other employees reacted better than the clerk behind the counter did. Hopefully the victim didn’t die or suffer any serious issues after being shot by his “friend”.

  6. Counter man should have called for help when he got so busy.
    Man had no business pulling a holstered gun, he should loss his privilege to carry a weapon.
    If they were trying to load a magazine counter man should be fired.

  7. That does NOT happened at the gun store I use. They won’t allow you to have a gun AND live rounds!! That guy should get fired.

  8. Take his CCW forever and put him in jail for loading a gun and jeopardizing the safety of all people in that store
    Idiots like this is really make us look
    terrible bad we don’t need this crap especially with Harris in power now,, this sucks.

  9. 1. Only one guy behind the desk.
    2. One man – one customer.
    3. Managements fault. If you look how busy the one man was, he should have been supported with at least one additional sales rep.
    4. Weapons should be checked when entering, NO loaded weapons allowed, period!

  10. shaking head

    Guy’s gonna lose me my ability to carry in my local stores. Kudos to the customer who went to work on the injured friend.

  11. Dumbshit just did a solid for 2A hating mutha fuckas

  12. Wow! I don’t know where to begin on everything that was wrong because there was so much! The clerk not asking for help because of the amount of customers, the guy pulling his CCW, the lack of ergency from the counter clerk, there’s just so much wrong. He should be charged with several violations and never allowed to touch a gun again. You’re right, he does make us all look bad!

  13. The guy did everything wrong, didn’t follow 4 basic gun safety rules and should NOT handle a firearm again, plus the salesman behind the desk should have intervened as it was apparent the 2 guys didn’t know anything.

  14. 1) Why was the employee letting those two individuals on the left handle a firearm without supervising them? At the gun store I use an employee stands right in front of a customer the entire time the customer is handling a weapon. I have seen them stop a couple of stupid moves before something bad happened. This video graphically demonstrates what can go wrong when you leave stupid people unsupervised around firearms. Had the employee been standing there supervising them this incident would not have happened.

    2) Why did the employee turn his back on the individuals looking at the gun? If they had been crooks instead of just plain stupid in those few seconds his back was turned they could have absconded with that handgun.

    3) In the same vein as number 1, why was the employee assisting two different sets of customers at once? Yes, you want to make sales, but that should never come at the price of safety. Those other folks should have been asked to wait their turn if another employee was not available to help them.

    Yes I am mostly putting this on the employee. If he had been supervising those two stupid people they would not have had the opportunity to discharge that round.

    “The difference between genius and stupidity is that there are limits to genius.” – Attributed to Albert Einstein

  15. I’m afraid I have no words to describe the stupidity I’ve just witnessed (none that I could repeat on this forum anyhow)
    Just one more reason I believe this country (and probably the human race in general) is doomed and this is just one of the latest nails in our coffin. Sorry to say..the future is indeed bleak.


    Yes, the clerk (Moron #1) behind conter and the idiot that did the shooting (Moron #2) are clearly at fault in this case. However, no one has mentioned Moron #3 — the jerk that got shot! He was standing in front of Moron #2 AND staring at the muzzle of a gun which was ‘staring’ right back at him — as a-soon-to-be LOADED GUN!!!!

    Now, about the title. The reason I KNOW all three were Democrats is because they were simply way too ignorant to be Librarians or Republicans — obviously!

    Just my ‘two cents’ (before Biden taxes them or Yahoo/AT&T close my e-mail account.)

    By the way, I’ve closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts, have you?

    — John J. Fado, Sr.

  17. I’m not an expert by any means, but it didn’t look to me like the guy behind the counter was particularly as ENGAGWED as he should have been ` obviously, if someone got shot on his watch!

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