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The Truth Behind the Ammunition Shortage in America

Here’s the TRUTH Behind the Ammo Situation in America – straight from the source.

9 thoughts on “The Truth Behind the Ammunition Shortage in America

  1. Any way I could buy factory direct?

    1. If they are making so much ammo then where in the bell is it going— I look in stores and online everyday and everyone says they are out of stock so where is it being shipped?? Certainly not the main suppliers !

      1. Sold. Literally. You – and 150 million other people – are looking in the same places for ammo. The second it hits the shelves, it’s sold.

  2. Why is ammo 2/3/4 times higher today than it was last year?

    1. It’s supply and demand. Limited supply + HUGE demand = high prices. Limited demand + HUGE supply = LOW prices.

  3. I highly doubt they are making it as fast as they claim.the shortage of everything doesn’tnmatch the ammount they claim to be about you stop price gouging and drop the price down to a reasonable price. There is no reason to chdrge over $100 for 100 rounds of 9mm.with the price so high how many people can afford buying in bulk or even buying 100 doesn’t match what he is saying.drop the price and putnon anovernight shift!!!!!!

    1. I feel deep sadness when people choose to believe everything is a conspiracy instead of believing evidence and proof. SMH.

      1. Makes sense to me

  4. Mr Vanderbrink
    I appreciate what you and your employees are doing. Had people seen earlier what was going on maybe they would not be panic buying now. I for one am glad you guys are doing the best you can. Please post more ammo porn, I really liked this video.
    Thank you.

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