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How Young is Too Young for Shooting?

This is me shooting with my son when he was about 3 and a half years old.


What is the right age to get kids started?

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29 thoughts on “How Young is Too Young for Shooting?

  1. I started at around 4 or 5 years old. The younger the better….

    1. I think he’s in good hands.

      1. I think you should at least a minimum of 5 yrs old

      2. Hey Andy, let me tell you a little story about why I will be target practicing daily.  Just bought two more guns. Bullets are hard though…Ok so 7-16-20 long planned rescue of my friend from domestic violence went down,  got her out with assistance of police.  Next day her husband hunted her down, argued,  got in car chase,  he made her crash incapacitating her. Bystander who had a gun ran to help her thinking just major accident,  saw her husband turn around got out and had a gun, now this bystander had a gun also but stopped, hesitated,  then decided ok help but it was too late then. Trained is trained,  guns aren’t made to look cool. If he had been training,  shooting often, then his trained instinct would have kicked in. My friend might be alive today if everyone carried and was prepared to take action.  Start learning as young as possible, I learned very young. Ok vent over.


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    2. We purchased my grandsons first 22 at the age of 4. He is now 7 and has a 4-10 start them young as long as you feel they are mature enough and understand gun safety. Each child is different.

      1. Start them as young as you can show them the the great outdoors and the safety of firearms and it will teach them respect for the future

    3. I see no issues as he has his ears on with glasses and dad is there by his side. Perfect situation I would want my students with a one on one!

    4. Precious ! He’s so cute ! And he can load better than some men I know .
      I think this age is the right time if you have Andy the Gun guy as a dad lol

  2. I don’t know why your site doesn’t work for me, but no matter what I do with my ad and script blockers, or tracking protection, your videos will not play.

  3. trigger pull prevents small children from discharging most guns. Exposure at any age is good but practical range time comes when the child can operate the weapon alone. Getting kids as young as possible removes all fear and inhibition for a lifetime. All the pinkos that teach their offspring guns are bad go thru life thinking exactly that. They are useless to us when we need to square things away. They are victims.

    1. Nice shooting, very amazing.
      It makes me crazy,Andy.

  4. Got my first 22 rifle when I was 5. Have been shooting ever sence. 50 years of putting triggers.

  5. Is this the same child I watched reciting parts of the Constitution at about age 2? Him I would not be afraid to teach anything. Not so sure it’s true for all little kids, tho, particularly some of these entitled brats who think they can do anything they want with whatever they want.

    1. It should be up to the parents when they feel like their children are ready to go to the firing range or out on the farm to learn how to handle and shoot a firearm.

      1. I’m originally from West Virginia and I have a picture of my Daddy teaching my Son to shoot when he was about four. Daddy and my Grandmother taught me about gun safety. I believe we should teach our children so they aren’t afraid of guns.

        1. Oh my gosh, he is just adorable. You’re a good dad spending time with your baby. Not too young at age 2 or older IMO, but at that age they definitely need more up close guidance like you are doing.

    2. This is the same kid, Gini! Glad you remember that!

  6. As a range officer formally affiliated with a junior shooting program, we would teach kids 6 years and up. They can be very good students and learn safety and concentration early. These kids turn out to be better students in school and they learn to respect firearms.

  7. Gday Andy I live in Australia 78 yrs old fired my first gun at 10 at 12 in the Cadet Corps machine guns and 303 rifle.My 2 sons both at 10 now 50 51 Grandson 7 yrs pistol and rifle and has his own 22 same as your son shorter stock How old only when common sense and understanding of guns can do.All trained to miltary level of weapons handling.Love your site my views exactly USA and Australia buddies and mates in WHITE HATS

  8. Andy,
    How I know the best age to start shooting training is no younger than 12 years when the skeleton is formed and strong enough to hold a gun.
    And the next point is mentality. A shooter has to clear understand and be responsible for his actions.
    Before that age a child can practice with a various toy guns and BB guns.

  9. My daughter started young and passed hunter safety at 7 years old. It depends on the maturity of the child and the quality of the instruction.

  10. I had my daughter shooting when she was 3. My son,with my help , pulled the trigger on ar15 when he was around 2 I think. They are in their 20s now. Both love shooting and hunting. It’s up to the parents as to what age. They are the ones that know their kids best.

  11. The first time i remember shootings i guess i was about nine or ten i went with my uncle squirrel hunting he gave me a twenty too set a can lid shot a few times been shooting every since seventy six years old!

  12. I think it’s fine at a young age depending on maturity of cold and the method of the person teaching. You definitely did a fine job.

  13. With Close and proper supervision, if they can load it and taught safe practices then they are old enough to shoot with very close super vision as in the film (supervision hands on gun at all times of course ) let that be the guide as ” how young “. My granddaughter is 6 now and loves shooting old Winchester pump. 22 . Need to get her a cricket, she always has very close ” supervisors hand(s) on rifle at all times ” Safety 1st Always !
    She loves it !

  14. Hands on supervision teach SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY.
    Every gun is loaded till proven unloaded. We moved into a house that was less than 50 yards to a flooded quarry when my son was 5 and untreated with it, I told him anytime he wanted to go see the water I would take him, he asked several times the first couple of weeks I always stopped what I was doing and we went this satisfied him. And as long as we lived there we went numerous times, had no issues with him sneaking down to the quarry. He is a middle age adult now.
    If your youngster wants to see or handle the gun, get the gun out practicing safety (the gun is loaded until you prove that it is unloaded)
    So they won’t sneak to get the gun out.
    I know this is long but I felt the need to explain my view on safety.

  15. I started at 10 yrs old , I taught my 2 girls a nd son how to shoot around 12 yrs old , as long as the child understands what you teaching them, then that is when they should be taught,

  16. I stated all my children at the same age. You can tell when they are ready. I have a safe responsible family now. All grown up adults they have trained there children also. Safe shooting.

  17. HI I was 5 years old. Just about blow’ed my DAD’S FOOT OFF but everything was okay. FATHER’S are the best Teacher’s

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