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Cop Shoots Suspect’s Mother During Violent Encounter [ACCIDENT]

I am sharing this video so that CIVILIAN 2nd Amendment supporters who carry daily can learn the following:

1. Our first goal is to DE-ESCALATE.

2. If we draw our firearm, keep our finger OFF the trigger until we NEED to fire.

3. If we draw our firearm, know our target and what’s beyond.

4. HESITATION can lead to a more dangerous situation. As you saw in this video, the officer was in a MUCH worse situation AFTER she drew… because she hesitated.

6 thoughts on “Cop Shoots Suspect’s Mother During Violent Encounter [ACCIDENT]

  1. INCREDIBLE! Personally it looks to me the officer might have done a better job of de-escalating, as you said.

  2. Tazer on perp, keep the trigger pressed until he collapses, press again as needed for control. Cuff mother for interference use baton to disable the aggressive perp until help arrives. THEN, AND ONLY THEN SHOOT THE ATTACKER TO STOP THE THREAT, IF HE COMES AFTER YOU AGAIN. The perp was apparently under the influence of something [drugs, alcohol or straight-up mental derangement] creating a life threatening encounter for the law enforcement officer. The mother clearly put herself in the middle and into harm’s way for herself. The mother is as dumb and stupid as her son. Rotten tree, bad apples!

  3. Taser may have been better for this suspect,and used way before he headed back down the stairs. However if the officers could not subdue him up until the time he picked up the case and threw it at them.. The officer would have been right to fire at him to disable him. Also should have subdue the mother for her actions as well. Just my opinion.

  4. Seems like a whole bunch of rookie mistakes! Officer is lucky to be alive. Hopefully she learned from this experience.

  5. if The officer was in control from the moment she walked in this situation would not have happened , yes she hesitated , not good , but she did not have control in the situation in the very beginning ,

  6. I was not in the situation, so with this, I would just add that bluffing is something anyone should do. Bluffs will be called out upon and that could get you killed, she was lucky her backup showed up when they did.

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