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Convenience Store Clerk Pistol Whipped, Robbed in Anti-Gun California

It’s just any other Sunday in this California convenience store when two bad guys walk in with firearms. Watch how this clerk defends himself, and learn from his mistakes.



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7 thoughts on “Convenience Store Clerk Pistol Whipped, Robbed in Anti-Gun California

  1. Tough law, California isn’t fair to the good guys. Too bad he got hurt, but glad he survived. Have a 380 and the belly band looks like a great idea.

  2. Guess the company you posted this on blocked it from viewing. They do not want the truth to be presented.

  3. Andy, you need to fix the videos on your site.
    This one, and several other’s I’ve attempted to watch do not load.

    1. I have no problem with video , it comes thru every time.
      Thanks Andy for sharing ..

  4. Being alone in a store is the wrong plan, counting money in public view ..wrong plan …not being aware of who enters store ” wrong plan “. on top of all that, two guys come in the store masked , and not noticing…wrong plan ..Not having a blocked avenue into a secure area, wrong plan …sorry your not concerned about a robbery possibility , this could have be prevented easily .Think about it …My man …

  5. Yes he should stay aware.This was so obvious that if he was observing he would have clearly seen the threat and retrieved his pistol in time to protect his self .those bullet proof partitions are smart and effective as a deterrent also.

  6. Good, informative post.

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