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VIDEO: This is the FIRST UFO Video I’ve Ever Shared

I’m not big on conspiracy theories.

And I’m not big on UFO’s.

I’ve never really seen any compelling evidence that really makes me wonder if we are alone or not.

But lately, I’ve been seeing more and more… and so I’m sharing this video today for the first time.

Watch this video – then comment your own thoughts below.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: This is the FIRST UFO Video I’ve Ever Shared

  1. According to astronomers there are 150 Billion galaxies. Each galaxy has upward of 200 Million stars. We don’t know how many have planets, just say 1% have planets. Just say 1% of those planets contain intelligent life. That’s a lot of planets. I can believe that some of those planets are ahead of us scientifically. Are there people studying our civilization? I’d say the chances are really good.

  2. I can say I witnessed a UFO as a child so I don’t believe we are alone. That said,
    There is not much from NBC I would take seriously. I am now wondering what is their angle and why would they produce this. I play chess and why would my opponent make this move? I just wonder if they are setting this country up for a full scale martial law lockdown.

  3. Conspiracy Theory is a term coined by CIA when someone is correct about something they are hiding. It is a false name for correct. It is also the most successful CIA scam to date

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