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Orlando Cop LOSES It – Faces Charges


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36 thoughts on “Orlando Cop LOSES It – Faces Charges

  1. Yes, the officer is in the wrong.

    1. I agree the cop is way out of line he should be punished for his actions and his language towards a civilian

    2. As a former / retired Special Agent, this Police Officer committed the following: 1.) Assault; 2.) Battery; 3.) Assault with a Deadly Weapon (being that he was armed at the time of the assault… it does not matter he is a cop – once he crosses the threshold of committing of a crime he is now a criminal); 4.) Unlawful Arrest; 5.) False Imprisonment; 6.) Kidnapping; 7.) Conduct Unbecoming a Police Officer; 8.) Civil Rights Violations; 9) Abuse of Police Authority; 10.) Public Corruption… and I would charge the other Police Officers with conspiracy to commit unless they cooperated and turned state’s evidence to testify against this Police Officer. He should be looking at 5-10 years in prison.

      This citizen was complying, and the Police Officer had no right to yell at him, act unprofessional or be condescending just because this guy began his work day at 3am in the morning. Cops works weird shift hours, and this guy likely does too… and if anybody knows anything about contracting in Florida – you try to get some of the work done before the sun rises in order to beat the heat and the sun. Nobody has to clear it with this cop or any other Police Officer when they can go to work… this isn’t the former Soviet Union and the last time I checked we don’t clock in and out with the Police to report for work or leave duty at the end of the day.

      Lastly, cops like this are nothing more than a bully with a badge and his courage is about as thick as his badge because he only acts this way when wearing a uniform and when in the presence of fellow officers who can back him up. If he ever acted like that dressed in civilian attire he would get his ass kicked. He should be thankful this wasn’t a Military guy or a group of Military guys (Veterans)… most of them know their rights and they sure enough aren’t intimidated by bullies with badges! Most of the time they back the blue – but they don’t mind putting blue bruises on people who lose their professional bearing either. If I was this guy I would also file a civil suit against the Police Officer and the Department – but tell the bad cop’s boss that he would drop the suit against the Department if he could have 5 minutes (a refereed) sparring match with this bully. That alone would give me satisfaction along with him losing his badge.

      1. I imagine that the main reason the other officers went along with his behavior is that he was the senior officer on scene. You get that much from the female officer who was briefing him before the incident happened. They simply followed his lead either out of fear or loyalty, but regardless, all three should be fired.

  2. The man was 100% comliant!
    Kind of look like the officer was having a PMS kind of day but there’s no excuse for that but what I don’t understand above all is why the other officers did not stop him from treating this man this way I think they need to be brought up on charges as well if they’re going to stand by and let them him do what he did.

    1. What I saw was that the man quickly approached the cop, then when he was pushed and fell down he tried to jump up quickly. Never try to make fast movements. I think what happend after he was pushed down was partially his fault, it looked like he was attempting to jump up to attack the cop. Under those circumstances I understand how the cop reacted the way he did when he tried to jump up. The man did not comply 100%, when he was told to put both hands behind his back he did not do it with the one hand.

      1. Jay, if you’ve done a lot of physical work such as construction, injuries that might not be apparent to an onlooker may make it difficult or near impossible to rotate your arm behind you in the manner that the officer was demanding. I have that issue myself, my right arm would be able to do that but my left cannot. Even with physical therapy limited range of motion is a real thing.

      2. If it was “quickly approaching,” I cannot find that in any state law; even as a misdemeanor. This was assault. If I did that as a correctional officer with two other officers around, I would have been facing a charge of improper use of force. It is none of the officer’s business when and where an adult is on the street. He deliberately engaged language to conduct an “attitude check.” That is NOT ANY officer’s job.

      3. Hi J, if you watch closer you will see that the guy just steps up onto the curb from out of the street and the officer actually steps forward to push the guy away and down!

      4. If the cop had been calm this would not have gotten to the point it did. There was no threat until the officer acted inappropriately and then to try to cover it up he arrests the guy for resisting. If there was a big threat why didn’t the other TWO officers have a similar reaction?

      5. The cop should of handled that way different with out power and abuse. The guy tried to answer his questions but kept getting cut off. No, the guy was complying and the cop should be held accountable as well as fellow officers

      6. He wasn’t given the chance to get back up. And after the choke hold and was tossed to the ground and told to put his hands behind his back, he was only given a half of a second to comply before being wrestled by the other cops. Never given the chance to comply with any of the orders

      7. He did…I saw the guy rush the cop TWICE…the was resisting the cops by fighting the handcuffs being put on..Police were right this time

      8. Exactly! People need to comply with law enforcement! I agree with you 100%

    2. The other officers need to be charged also, they knew he was wrong and went along with him in doing so.

    3. As a retired PA State Trooper I will say this……. this cop is completely out of control, he should be charged with assault, and should be fired !!!!

    4. The other officers are applying the code of the thin blue line! When a fellow officer is doing something wrong they do not interfere at all! It Bullshit! Problem is, the good cops are still afraid to speak up or act on that kind of situation because they would face ridicule and retaliation for it.

      1. Retaliation is a huge problem. Not defending them but they’d pay dearly. Luckily it was all caught on camera and did go any farther.

  3. WOW! Some folks should never have a badge or power over other people.

  4. And his pirates in crime helped him kidnap the compliant citizen. No man has that kind of authority over another FREE man. Jail all three tyrants

  5. That cop acted like a Nazi storm trooper. This is one of the major reasons cops, including the good ones, are getting such a bad rap in this country.

  6. Many years ago, when I was a university student living in the dormitory, I was acquainted with several Law Enforcement Administration students. Often on a weekend many of us would be sitting around in the evening drinking. I would occasionally ask one or another of the guys who were LEA majors, WHY that major.
    Often the reply was one or another variation of “so I can carry a gun, drive really fast in the city, and BEAT PEOPLE UP”.
    Unfortunately, I do believe that IS the reason that some of our Police Officers want and got into that line of work.

  7. A worthless cop on a power trip! It’s easy to attach someone when you have help standing right there.
    He needs to be fired! What I don’t see is the other officers doing anything to stop it. This is the real problem.

  8. Never seen exactly what this guy did to deserve that kind of treatment. That cop should be fired and the guy locked up should file charge’s against him. The other cops there should also be disciplined for not stopping this KGB cop. This is the kind of guy that give cops a bad name and it’s just flat out wrong.

  9. The short story to this situation …Do what the officers ask….period….their in charge …I believe that the officers , were over aggressive …yes ..but I also believe the man was trying to justify why he was wondering around at 200 am in the morning ??? Why?? I think there’s more to the story …either way , just do what the Police want …they are in charge …if your in the right , you may have to prove your case being out in the neighbor hood at 200 am ….Did he live there? why was he there ? Police have to do their jobs to make your neighbor hoods secure. so, think about the total picture..which video didn’t show …Sure seems like it to me anyways …Like was he drugged up, dranking , we have a lot of strange people these days , most Officers do their jobs professionally …

    1. yes listen to the officer, but the officer gave no instructions to the guy, before doing what he did. His first response should have been to back up and give clear instructions. Where is the weapon or fear for his life to warrant that type of response? this was a fit of ego/macho

  10. On the other hand, that citizen might have known better than to suddenly advance on the officer, which ran the risk of seeming provocatively aggressive, despite the compliance the citizen had displayed. Just sayin’.

  11. Unfortunately, this is the attitude of a lot of the law enforcement in my county, and has been for years. They often treat people in this manner and get away with it for the most part. It is very unusual for any one to come up with a video showing this problem. Yes, there are some good cops but they seem to stand by and let this kind of thing happen because of the so called brotherhood that seems to be a part of their mind set. This is the very reason that cops are finding that more and more people are not respecting their authority. When are they going to realize that this very kind of action is why they are getting the bad reactions that we have seen in recent years. Respect only works both ways.

  12. Very disappointing conduct. Can not be tolerated.

  13. My nephew is a cop and I Love the Cops and Appreciate what they do. But with that being said, theres always a bad apple in the bushel and this cop is definately a VERY BAD APPLE that thinks just bc he wears a badge he can do anything to anyone. This infuriates me and i hope he was fired and i hope this poor guy sues the hell out of him and wins. Yea the guy shouldn’t have walked towards him but this asshole of a cop had no business doing what he did to him. Thanks for showing this and bringing attention to these few BAD APPLE COPS!!!

  14. Agreed. This officer was completely out of line. Fortunate for this fellow there is a video. He would do well to hold this over aggressive cop accountable, & file charges.

  15. Officer is definitely on a power trip. Video shows complete harrassment both verbally and physically by the officer and should lose his job. Cops like this is why citizens fight back with force

  16. I dont know if I want to share this. There is so much hate out there already. He needs to be arrested and fired. There is no room out there for nasty violent cops.

  17. I am sort of on the cop’s side on this one. This guy made a violent move toward an officer and he was an asshole.

    Sorry Andy but you sound like left winger with this nonsense. Sure the cops should have self control but people need to learn that the law and authority need to be obeyed.

    1. Exactly! People need to comply with law enforcement! I agree with you 100%

  18. The way I see it, the 3rd cop, the one who shoves the citizen to the ground and commences with the choke hold, then the arrest, was furthest away from the citizen, while the other male cop was seemingly taking a report, and the female respectfully requested his ID to run it for any outstanding warrants. Even then, all seemed pretty well and the citizen was compliant. As the citizen stepped up off the street, towards the 3rd cop, who by now was beginning to badger him with a judgemental tone calling to question the real reason this citizen was out after 3AM, I could see how this could be “interpreted” by the cop as a unexpected and therefore potentially aggressive move by the citizen. But it could have just as easily been simply stepping out of the street with no intent directed toward the cop. He didn’t appear to display rage, and certainly was stunned by being shoved to the ground and then choked. As for the yelling to put his hands back, quickly followed by announcing that he was placing the citizen under arrest, the only one who seemed out of control in my view is the cop. He also made a point of using his flashlight as a pressure point implement to the citizen’s face as way of asserting dominance. ALL THAT and the citizen kept claiming he had done nothing wrong. Having taught management of assaultive behavior to professionals in the psychiatric field, my honest opinion is that this cop reacted to quickly, and while other officers are already engaged with him and nobody seemed to be escalating, it was probably best he did not even say a word to the citizen or begin harassing him. Everything, and EVERYONE was even keel until that 3rd cop started in and quickly overreacted. I would like to know: did the citizen have a record of assault towards cops? Did the citizen have drugs or an illegal firearm or weapon on him? No? He didn’t seem to be displaying visual anger cues, nor tried to escape. Cop was out of line. Partners knew that the policy and/or training expected them to follow through with the safe restraint and arrest of the citizen once the cop escalated it. They can make their reports (if they have the integrity and courage to do so…I should know, I have had to do the same thing before) and they will be exonerated. It is sometimes impossible, especially with a superior officer or a bully, to stop the escalation once it begins, so these fellow officers did should not be reprimanded.

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