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Top 6 Things NEVER to Do at a Gun Store


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15 thoughts on “Top 6 Things NEVER to Do at a Gun Store

  1. Pretty cool

  2. Funny funny funny.

    1. Unfortunately I’ve seen a few of these actually happen. LoL

      1. Classic! I’ve seen people do some pretty stupid things like this. Or ask “Are these really real guns? I don’t want a real one.I only want something that looks real to put in my purse and scare people away!” By the time they steal your purse, the thief now has both things. Your purse and your fake gun you wanted to “show within your purse” to keep yourself safe!

  3. Keep Em Coming

  4. I’ve got to get up there and ck the store out.. Good stuff!!

    1. Call of Duty! LoL

  5. Videos still will not play

  6. I love this video for the truth spoken and the very funny bloopers at the end. 😎

  7. Very funny, and probably way too true.

  8. I’d like to see reenactments of all the stupid mistakes we’ve all done with a firearm but luckily
    survived. Mine would get me in trouble so I’d have
    to remain anonymous.

  9. These are not that hard to believe, some people have no business handling a gun. Safety is the no# 1 concern and should always be. Common sense people.

  10. Funny. What isn’t funny is the anti-Muslim posters in the background and having a “terrorist” speaking Arabic coming through the door. It’s an insult to the 7,000 Muslim-Americans in the military, and the millions of Muslim-American families in the United States, and an insult to a major faith.If you have the guts and the intelligence to visit your closest mosque, you’ll find peaceful, loving folks as you would visiting your closest Baptist or Catholic or Jewish place of worship. Grow up.

    1. First, those are not Muslims, Dan. Those are the San Berbadino shooters – radical Islamic Extemeists. They are terrorists. Are you suggesting that Muslims would be offended that we sell targets in their image?

      Second, the guy that came through the door at the end wasn’t a Muslim either. He was a radical Islamic extremist.

      Are you suggesting that Muslims will also be offended that we made a joke about radical Islam?

  11. My kind of place.

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