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Why Did Andy the Gun Guy Host the First-Ever Open Carry Motorcycle Ride in American History? (HINT: It was NOT to Push for Open Carry!)

July 4th, 2017: First Ever Open Carry Motorcycle Ride in American History

The Open Carry Ride Was NOT to Push for Open Carry!

Personally, I don’t want to see all of America walking around wild-west style with pistols strapped to their hips or AR-15s slung around their shoulders.

Walking around with a gun on your hip is NOT the image of the 2nd Amendment I support.

I personally believe that open-carry is often inappropriate and somewhat rude – but I also believe that there is a “time and a place” for open carry.

Open Carry Laws: Why I Take a Moderate Approach to Open Carry Laws

First, I am in support of federal and state governments allowing open carry. As with all my political beliefs, I support a “limited government.”

So when it comes to open carry versus concealed carry, the primary reason why I support the right to open carry a firearm is that if the government of your state requires you to concealed carry, the government has a big “say” in how you dress.

In order for your local government to require you to conceal your firearm, they therefore must dictate how you are going to dress (to a certain degree.)

Watch: Hoonoh and Andy Get Lost in the Woods Hiking)

So let’s say you and I go out for a hike together.

Typically, I like to wear just shorts and a t-shirt, and while hiking, fishing, camping, or other outdoorsy-type activities, I feel that open carry may be appropriate.

We won’t be coming across many people, and on a hot summer day you don’t necessarily want to wear an over-sized t-shirt to keep your pistol hidden.

(Not to mention, the wildlife you encounter may be more of a threat against you than some of the people out in public areas – in which case open carry allows faster access to your pistol.)

But let’s say you and I just go out for a trip to the mall, a movie theater, or a local Walmart.

I personally believe that open carry in that situation is highly inappropriate and should be frowned upon by the 2nd Amendment community.

I consider the 2nd Amendment Community I take part in to be the “peace-keepers” of today’s society. Our first job is to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations – but understand and train for the time where we must be surgically dangerous ourselves in order to defend human life.

It is my fundamental belief that you and I must take the “peace-keeper” mentality to the forefront of the political spectrum as well. The majority of law-abiding gun owners simply do not want open carry to be the norm, and of course, anti-gunners certainly don’t want to see guns on the streets either.

The Purpose of Our Open Carry Motorcycle Ride

My open carry motorcycle ride had a few primary goals:

  • Increase unity among the 2nd Amendment community
  • Demonstrate to America that 300 loaded guns can be in one location at one time – and no one gets hurt! (Guns aren’t the problem – people are!)
  • Keep the terrorists and evil-doers at bay by giving an unmistakable show of force

Conclusions: Open Carry Vs Concealed Carry

I can sum up my entire belief on Open Carry in one simple sentence:

“I believe open carry should be LEGAL in all 50 states to allow us the right to choose our attire, but that the 2nd Amendment community should take great care in deciding what situation is appropriate when carrying.”

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3 thoughts on “Why Did Andy the Gun Guy Host the First-Ever Open Carry Motorcycle Ride in American History? (HINT: It was NOT to Push for Open Carry!)

  1. Another Texas church just proved that concealed carry is the right thing, even in church.

  2. I’m an open carry guy! What you are seeing is an exaggerated attempt to express the frustration folks have for only being able to carry concealed. We all know that most folks will stop carrying rifles a couple of weeks after it was made legal. Yes, the first couple of weeks there would be people carrying rifles around as a kinda “In your face” to the people who took so long to get the law changed. Think about it. You can Conceal Carry, you can carry on guy on your motorcycle(vehicle), you can carry goin hunting, fishing, camping.

  3. The reason why I am a staunch defender of the second amendment.
    Open carry when and where appropriate. Otherwise, Keep it to yourself
    because, why should you advertise.!?!?!?

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