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Idiot Firearm Instructor Accidentaly Shoots Self, Kills Female Student

He broke EVERY safety rule that exists

Before I chat with you about my Black Friday Sale, I need to show you this video.

This firearm instructor is a complete idiot.

He makes us all look bad.

He broke literally every safety rule that exists.

  1. Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. Keep your gun unloaded until ready to use.
  4. No ammunition in the room when cleaning guns.
  5. Inspect the chamber each time you pick up a firearm.

And these are just the beginning.

Watch this 20 second video – it may save your life.

Comment below: Should this instructor go to jail?


21 thoughts on “Idiot Firearm Instructor Accidentaly Shoots Self, Kills Female Student

  1. Being stupid is not a crime and this was an accident. However he should NOT be permitted to own firearms or instruct.

    1. Criminal negligence is indeed a crime. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. This is so far beyond stupid that I would personally hunt him down,and give him the same as that innocent woman got from this “NOT FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR” if she were my wife,or daughter!!!!!

  3. Why was his first response to check his arm, his student is spread out on the floor!? dumbass

  4. Why was his first response to check his arm, his student is spread out on the floor!? dumbass

  5. I was on the Grand jury for a case in my community, where an instructor was similarly reckless. A student also died. I was one of only two who voted to indict the instructor for his negligence.

  6. I noticed he was mainly concerned about his arm.i really don’t think he cared about that lady on the ground. So yes he should get a few years

  7. Yes he should have all firearms permits revoked. Its not his first time to shoot someone by accident. he couldnt even tell it was loaded. couldnt rack the slide, couldnt dis assemble it and pointed it at another person. totally unable and unqualified to have and use a handgun.

  8. I hate this. I can almost promise you this guy doesn’t have that passion for firearms or teaching new people about firearms, he just saw it as a way to make some side cash. He demonstrates no respect for the firearm and doesn’t seem to understand them. That’s why she died. Because he is an idiot playing where he doesn’t belong.

  9. This is reckless endangerment. Manslaughter conviction at a minimum

    1. I agree

  10. Every certification he has to be an instructor should be snatched along with all weapons and permits! Careless jackass

  11. Yes I think he should go to jail. He broke every rule in the book and made us all look bad! And the worse part of this is that he took her life and changed the life of every single person in her life!! He should not be able to teach hand guns safety again.

  12. This was an accident but so is when someone is DUI and kills someone. Just because it was an accident does not mean they were not negligent beyond common knowledge. He should definitely go to prison for manslaughter.

    1. I agree.

  13. I was at a shooting range in Georgia (the country, not the state) where this guy would have fit right in!

  14. My jaw just keeps dropping every time I play the video back.

    He should be, as he will be indicted, but what the penalty is, it is not for me to judge.

    Plus, I’m not the father of this woman who is going to have feelings that NO OTHERS CAN have unless their child too was also lost in the same exact way.

    Justice must be served for her and her family but it was also serve the crime for him as well, and although the crime was that he cost a life, it was not intentional. Whether or not some feel that stupidness has nothing to do with the crime fitting the punishment, once again, I can’t say because it is not for me to judge or make laws and I just flat-out have no answers.

    The only words I have right now are sadness for all those involved. Sadness, thoughts and prayers.

  15. yes he should go to jail because he is an instructor. That takes him out of the idiot category and moves him into the negligent category. He should have know better and therefore be held to a higher standard.

  16. The simple reality is at minimum this is negligent homicide, any firearm owner/handler/instructor must absolutely understand that you never point a firearm at anything you don’t intend to destroy; as well that the shooter is responsible for every bullet that leaves the barrel of whatever gun that is in their hands accident or not!

  17. Don’t think he would be arrested but he is toast to a civil tort. Wonder if his insurance will cover that.

    Sad for the girl and her family. Instructor? Hang him!

  18. As an army officer I became familiar with AD (accidental discharge) incidents both in training and in combat situations. In every case there was a failure to follow SOP . If that had happened in any unit I was in the individual would be court martialed and given a long visit to (a fort in) Kansas.

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