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Free Flags for Those Who Carry Daily and Support the 2nd Amendment

Patriots –

Andy here.

As I’m writing you this email, I’m sitting in airport on my way up to Boston.

(My brother and I are taking a cross-country motorcycle trip from Boston to Denver! Catch pictures and video on my SnapChat @flgunsupply, Instagram @andythegunguy, or Facebook by clicking here.)

As I sit here waiting for my plane, I just had to share this…

Imagine you’re not reading this blog post.

Imagine you are in a room with the 56 delegates to the First Continental Congress.

You’re standing line in Independence Hall on July 4th, 1776.

You are about to sign your name to the bottom of the Declaration of Independence.

You’re nervous.

Your palms are sweaty.

You know that if you take the quill into your hand…

…and sign your name…

You are signing your own death sentence. You’ll lose family and friends for standing up for what you believe in.

You will be labeled a traitor and criminal.

You just saw John Hancock sign first.

Samuel Adams signs.

Then John Adams…

…now its your turn.

Do you sign?

(Now I know, I know. Technically, John Hancock was the only one to actually sign the Declaration on July 4th, and the rest signed on August 2nd, 1776 and later.)

But here is my point.

I’m thinking about what makes our country great.

We are independent.

We are hard working.

We are tough, courageous, and we stand up for the little guy.


So, I’ve worked out a deal with my friends at Moderamo to give you guys a choice of 3 free flags for this 4th of July celebration.

You just cover a few bucks for shipping (all of them are less than $10 bucks to ship) and you get a free flag for Independence Day.

Free Come and Take It Flag

(Just pay shipping)

Free 2nd Amendment Flag

(Just pay shipping)

Free Gun Owners for Trump Flag

2 thoughts on “Free Flags for Those Who Carry Daily and Support the 2nd Amendment

  1. Hey making any stops on the way to Colorado?

  2. I believe in the second amendment!
    Patriot Judy

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