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Florida Woman Holds Intruder at Gunpoint for 26 Minutes (Before Police Arrive!)

She held him at gunpoint for 26 minutes before police could respond to her home – protecting her young daughters!

Lauren Richards was forced to hold an intruder at gunpoint for over 26 minutes before police arrived.

She called 911 three separate times before police were able to come to her home.

Watch this powerful video to see how Lauren responded!

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7 thoughts on “Florida Woman Holds Intruder at Gunpoint for 26 Minutes (Before Police Arrive!)

  1. Seems like an even more urgent message needs to be sent out to these cops.

  2. What the hell is the deal?? 26 minutes???

    1. I have been in Law Enforcement since 1975 and people just don’t understand why it takes so long for Police to respond ,but a major accident on the Freeway in your area could tie up four or more Officers. That is why I have always carried a pocket gun when I am off duty, even around my house, or a quick trip to the store.

      1. I understand that other situations tie up multiple officers, I believe everyone realizes this. Just understanding the reason why however does not make it acceptable. If someone is killed or raped in a home invasion and police did not respond because they were tied up in an accident does it make it ok for the family that just lost a loved one for the police dept to say “sorry, we were tied up elsewhere”, should the family or victim then say “it’s ok, I understand”.
        An effective police dept must be able to respond to calls in a timely manner for the safety of all, even if this means hiring more officers. I know there is no easy answer and alot of communities have cut backs on their police dept and other areas. This is one reason why it is important to maintain our rights to bear arms.

  3. She could be Dead if she didn’t have a Gun !

  4. Another video that will not load.

  5. This is a powerful message that needs to be shown to those who want to, as they say, “get guns off the streets”. I just cannot understand why these people don’t get it. You can’t scream about defunding the police and then wonder why things, like this, happen. Defunding the police is NOT going to cut down on bad cops, it’s going to cut into the ability for officers to respond to situations, like this, and do what they are trained and hired to do: protect (and to serve. Some seem to forget this last part that almost every police dept. has in their slogan). Hell, yes, we’re keeping our guns! And getting more! Sleepy Joe “Where are we?” Biden and his cronies are the only ones who should be defunded!

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