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I Was Sued in Federal Court…

Sued Because I Wasn’t Politically Correct!

I studied.

I researched.

I read.

Then I spoke my mind.

I wasn’t politically correct…

So I was sued in Federal Court.

Here’s the unbelievable story.


10 thoughts on “I Was Sued in Federal Court…

  1. Outstanding presentation, well prepared and presented. Thank You.

  2. Great presentation and thank you for sharing.

  3. Nice presentation, but I am confused about one point. I have no issue with calling out the radical muslims of course, but do have a problem about not calling out Dylan roof. He was mentioned but not his self-professed radical views that he pointed to as to why he murdered the people he did. My problem is that is what gives the left ground to stand on because to many of us 2A folks won’t speak the whole truth. Other than that, good points otherwise

    1. I had to cut out the portion where I called out Dylan Roof from the speech because I got his date and the date of the Sandy Hook Shooter backwards. I actually spent about 5 minutes on each shooter but I didn’t want to give out bad information so I cut them out.

    2. Hi Andy this is dave meier I’m the guy that had the white Corvette that I was talking to you about your motorcycle one day at a gas station i took your classes and currently hold Texas Open Carry and Florida license
      I did some research and I found out that if you support the state of Israel and you have a little pledge to support the state of Israel and anybody that doesn’t want to sign your little pledge of supporting the state of Israel you can refused to sell him a firearm because you can make your decision as to who you sell firearms legally on political views. Check it out with a lawyer

  4. Tell it like it is Andy. And STand your ground. AWESOME presentation. We’re happy to refer everyone we know to FGS for your classes.

  5. Great Video Andy. Loved every minute. Keep me posted on upcoming events. Keep up the good work. I regretfully left Florida for family reason but still watch what you’re doing. I’m in Indiana and got a lifetime gun permit. State allows open carry.

  6. Islam shouldn’t be looked at as a religion. It’s more like a cult, similar to Scientology. Even though they’re completely different entities they share important cultlike commonalities. They cannot tolerate criticism or ridicule. Scientology reacts with threats of litigation, Islam reacts with violence. They cannot tolerate apostacy. Scientology reacts with harassment and character assassination, as ex-Scieno Leah Remini learned the hard way. Islam reacts with violence. And they both need to disguise themselves as religions in order to conceal their true agendas. Scientology, in the guise of a religion is an elaborate scam devised by L Ron Hubbard, a 4th rate sci fi writer and low level con artist whose primary objective was to separate the rich and famous from as much of their $$$ as possible. Islam in the guise of a religion is an tyrannical absolutist, tyrannical, racist, misogynistic, gay hating theological/political/militaristic social order devised by Mohammed, a hashish abusing child molester who’s primary objective was to rule the world by any means necessary.

  7. Great presentation! I get your emails on aol. When i tried to watch this the first time what popped up was from face book asking if I wanted to allow “” to use cookies and website details while browsing This will allow to track your activity!!!!!
    I couldn’t believe it. If I clicked no my page froze and while I could listen and see I could not scroll at all. So I watched the whole presentation with this message at the top!
    By the way, my posts telling the truth about covid numbers and masks have been taken down by facebook. They always find a reason. This is now July so things have escalated here in the dictatorship in PA with many of us refusing to wear masks as a means of controlling. Many of us have CC permits and firearms. I was surprised at how many. People are shocked that I do. I am a 72 year old female living alone and before getting my firearm I had a compound bow and a Naval survival knife. I will always pump the shotgun first if I’m on the second floor, hoping an idiot will understand I’m armed but if you come up the stairs I’m very accurate at 20′! if Im downstairs, sorry all you might get is a warning-or not!
    Thanks for getting your message out there. I work on it up here. Many people believe we may be on the possible brink of a civil war if all this continues…

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