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Looks like more and more people are fed up with cops being attacked…


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15 thoughts on “COMPLETELY Fed Up

  1. I think that was a most impressive arrest. The officer did not request help from public, but they jumped in to back the blue. Most impressive is all I can say. Thank you for the help to all involved in helping the officers. Those guys were awesome.

    1. Although I agree that it was good to see the group of bystanders aid the cop who was handedly taken down during the fight, I certainly have to question applauding the kicking and beating of the suspect by the others once he was down and pretty much contained by the big Samaritan. Grab a limb, but don’t start kicking and pummeling the guy. Why is that such a stereotypic response? As for the 2nd cop immediately going after the big guy..all I can say is he wasn’t fully situational aware, and was reflexively responding to the officer in need of assistance call.I used to be a certified Professional Assaultive Response Trainer, and understand and advocate that police as well as civilians should be able to perform arrests and restraints without resorting to assaultive behaviors themselves.

      1. I agree.well said

      2. Absolutely agree. I also have a feeling that all those helpful citizens had a bone to pick with the arrestee and were happy to get a piece of him. Why else keep coming back? They behaved like animals. Fortunately the cop was the beneficiary of their behavior.

    2. I glad someone stepped in to help the cop but the use of unnecessary force by continually stomping and kicking the thug on the ground was unnecessary.

      1. You obviously do not know what you are talking about!

  2. So glad to see the guys have the policeman back. But the officer grabbing the big guy at the end, who was holding the perp down, was unacceptable.

    1. Yes, I agree. Honest mistake, though.

    2. Rhonda it’s called “situational awareness” or “what’s going on here”. The officer involved on the ground as a backup officer arrived immediately told new comer that the civilian was a good guy. Unacceptable? I think not. To be expected? absolutely. Take it from an guy with 40 years of peace officer experience both state and federal.

    3. I agree he could have approached different but the last call over the radio probably didnt get a chance to callin saying suspect in custody

    4. He had his knee on his neck, not necessarily…

  3. Hi, I hate the fact that the Officer was taken over by a thug criminal, it was great that those other guys stepped in to help get the crazy off off of him. but I really have to put a couple of questions out there.
    How was the Officer overcome so easily? And what took him so long to get up and protect himself and subdue the guy? And where was the other Officer at when his partner was being overtaken? That crazy Guy could have gotten his gun and shot everyone around them! The only thing good I can possibly say about the whole situation is Thank God for the Men who stood up to that Nut Job and got him under control! They controlled him a little too well by kicking and hitting him even though the one guy had him in his control. There was no need for the extra beating!
    Evelyn Watkins in Columbus, Ohio

    1. The cop was not in good physical shape. When your so over weight it’s hard to get up when someone is sitting on you! I agree there was to much kicking and stomping the thug when they had him under control…

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  5. He had his knee on his neck, not necessarily…

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