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ATF Conducting Raids in Homes of 80% Lower Dealers

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Agents of the Baltimore Field Office are raiding the premises belonging to buyers of Polymer80 frames and kits in larger numbers than normal.

Five special agents, led by Detective EE Schwartz of Anne Arundel County Police Department, appeared at the front doors of a co-owner of 2A Builds, a company specializing in the trading of unfinished 80% kits at gun shows in the mid-Atlantic region.

The company had recently acquired 65 frames from the U.S. Patriot Armory.

Agents and police wanted to search the owner’s house – who actually LET them

Despite not finding anything illegal, the agents wanted to seize the legally owned firearms.

The owner refused to bulge and refused to give his firearms acquired through legal means – but the police agents insisted on confiscating a P80&, a single kit, and two MCK stabilizers.

Yet, again, the owner refused the request and asked the agents to leave.

Cops Refused to Leave

The cops told him they would stay on his property until they could get a seizure warrant  – prompting the owner to call his attorney.

The ATF backed off seeking a warrant and left, warning they would be coming back later with a warrant.

Detective EE Schwartz’s left his business card (badge: 1665) to the house owner and before leaving.

The AmmoLand News reported that according to sources, two additional visits were made by ATF to the dealers’ home selling unfinished frames.

In both cases, dealers told officials to leave their property without a warrant. Cops had no choice but to leave without being able to do a search of the properties.

Both dealers purchased items from U.S. Patriot Armory.

U.S. Patriot Armory did not hand any customer information to ATF or law enforcement agencies as per AmmoLand sources.

It is somewhat of a mystery how ATF received information about their customers.

My Suggestion: Stay Away from 80% Lower Receivers

I’ve never sold, purchased, or built 80% lower receivers in the history of my career in the gun world.

Any time a customer has asked about purchasing 80% lower receivers, I have always told them that I believe the ATF tracks those way more than they track normal guns.

This has been going on for a LONG time.

It’s just not worth the risk.



12 thoughts on “ATF Conducting Raids in Homes of 80% Lower Dealers

  1. Abolish the FBI CIA ATF DEA HHS NIH CDC and every control agency and there won’t be any problems.

    1. You should rethink that statement, I know that one of those smarter agencies wants to protect the 2nd as much as it can. That doesn’t mean they want untraceable firearms in the hands of criminals though.

  2. So government thugs show up without any real reason and make illegal and unlawful demands? And people should stay away from these objects because???? That is exactly the spineless posture that has placed the country in its present posture. I would respectfully defer and, with a smile, hand them the address of various BLM and Antifa terrorists. Those agents are not representing a constitutional republic they are enemy actors and they need to be made aware of their traitorous conduct. And that is all there is to say about that.

  3. I think every law abiding gun owner and 2A defender in the USA should buy at least one if not more 80% lowers. Make them try and find them all.

    1. Hahaha that would absolutely drive them mad. Or even better, purchase it with a prepaid card or in store with cash then destroy the area where the serial would normally go so it looks super illegal

  4. Someone told them where those Patriot lowers were and if it was one case only I could believe it was not Patriot ,But when its 3 different locations and the same lowers made or sold by Patriot and no one else,It does not take a genius to figure out who told on there own customers.

    1. Sounds like something a fed would say.

    2. Or the feds asked their bank or credit card company for customer records in the name of “anti-terrorism” then based on the amount, they were able to identify who bought 80% lowers or kits

  5. It appears, the deep state is still alive and well in OUR Federal Government.
    It is time WE THE PEOPLE stand up and let our voices heard!
    OUR Constitution is being trampled on and it must stop!

    Flood communications to local, state and federal representatives and let them know we are watching and stop the infringement!

  6. You’re telling Americans who LEGALLY have the right to produce their own firearms for personal use to stop??? WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU ON???? Just because you’re scared does not mean you try and talk others out of exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS BOZO!

    1. You can live your life however you want. If you want to buy 80% lowers, be my guest. That’s your right. And… it’s my right to tell you that I stay away from them. You do you, I do me.

  7. Its definitely government operated companies that sell most of these 2a items. What they do is try to monopolize the market of whatever items they discover to be “too dangerous” for civilian citizens to own. It’s just because if the government would have to prioritize those individuals first before they make

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