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Andy the Gun Guy’s Epic Response to Attacks from His Neighbors

My neighbors hate me.



It’s pretty simple.

They hate the 2nd Amendment.

They hate the 1st Amendment.

And they really…


….REALLY REALLY hate the noise my shooting range makes.

So finally, after 9 code complaints against me…

…and 7 or 8 front page newspaper attacks on my character…

I had enough.

VIDEO: Watch my EPIC Response to Crazy Neighbors

4 thoughts on “Andy the Gun Guy’s Epic Response to Attacks from His Neighbors

  1. My neighbors have not complained about my 44 magnum in the backyard. they sometimes join in in their own backyards.

    1. Nobody died from shootings at Andy’s house. You need to learn that’s cars kill more people than guns lady. You are trying to disarm those that will step in to protect you. We have too many idiots in America and as long as the borders remain open we will have many more idiots. What planet are you from?

  2. Ohhh boo hoo, what whiney response. Your neighbors seem to like the law of the land! If you are violating noise or safety or code standards, then they have every right to report you. You may be deaf to the noise that you are creating, and the safety issues you are creating, but they are not. You are also tone deaf posting such a whiney, crying post during the same week that 4 children died in a school shooting after a child’s irresponsible parents gave him a loaded lethal weapon. Four young people with their whole lives ahead of them, are gone, forever, because two adults put a lethal weapons into the hands of a minor child. I hope all three of them spend the rest of their lives in a filthy jail. The world will be a better place with the three of them gone. Until we can demand that gun owners be responsible, I guess we are stuck with sniveling, whining, ass hats.

    1. 1. You said that the neighbors are OK to report me for violating noise standards. Take a look at Florida statute 823.16 Here it isL (2) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person who operates or uses a sport shooting range in this state shall not be subject to civil liability or criminal prosecution in any matter relating to noise or noise pollution which results from the operation or use of a sport shooting range

      2. You said that this happened the same week that 4 children died in a school shooting. Take a look at the YouTube video, which was uploaded June 16 2018. 4 years ago.

      3. We both agree that gun owners should be responsible… but part of being responsible is being educated. In other words, Shut the fuck up, Karen.

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