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Andy the Gun Guy Trolls the Trolls!

Watch What Happens When Andy the Gun Guy Confronts Professional Trolls “Captain Awesome”

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8 thoughts on “Andy the Gun Guy Trolls the Trolls!

  1. I had been a supporter of you and FGS, but after seeing this travesty I’d like to return my new FGS shirts for a refund, as I can no longer wear them in public without feeling like a fraud!!!
    Please send me an RMA# so that I can return your wares.

    1. Grandma taught us not to argue with children and retards. Not much doubt about which class these two belong to. They may have the right to film but this was just plain stupid and pointless. Really makes them look ignorant. And the JESUS shirt just adds to the silly look. I doubt they understood a word you said. You wasted your breath I’m afraid.

    2. watch out for this guy. he’s probably a troll himself and testing your delivery methods and return policies just to shoot you down

    3. You can send them to me! I’ll gladly support FGS and Andy. He is right ya know. Theres a right way to do things and then there’s trolling… You can exercise your right but why troll just for youtube likes…

  2. Andy this is where we disagree. As passionate as you are about the 2nd, there are those that are as passionate about the 1st. As well the 4th and 5th are also audited many times on YouTube. Instead of calling these people names, you might want to look into what they stand for. I’m sure you wouldn’t like someone calling you a troll for standing up for any of your rights. I see so many abusive and corrupt public officials this is needed just as you speak out about the right to bear arms. You know there are people in high places that want to silence you. If these guys didn’t do this you just might be silenced. Please respect their rights as you want others to respect yours.

  3. I agree with Andy. There is a right way and wrong way to do things. Those guys went about it the wrong way. There are so many people out there just acting like a**es to get views. Those folks like officers, that agents, etc… don’t come throw rocks at you while your working so why do it to them? Practice yours rights in a more conceivable way. David, as far as you go, and by no means am I dragging your name or views through the mud, you supported Andy until you seen him standing up for those officers and backing the blue. Clearly doing doing the right thing in the right way is wrong to you.

  4. I dont understand the point of this argument between FGS and the guys video recording.

  5. I’d like to know what was behind David’s reply saying he no longer supports FGS or Andy. I don’t understand why verbally making the asshats admit they just go to the airport to try to bait cops. I believe we should support police, not harass them.

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