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I can’t talk about this firearm enough. Having trained over 30,000 people with the Ruger SR 22 firearms and other SR 22s, this gun has been in my repertoire for a long time

The only wear and tear over the last ten years I’ve used it is on the magazine due to friction when going in and out. With me is two firearms. The first thing, as usual, is to check and verify that each of these firearms is clear without rounds and there’s no live image in the room.

Let’s get into this. I have a couple of snap caps that will run to these firearms as we go through the features. The first feature we check out is in the magazine. For the record, SR 22 guns come with two 10-round magazines, which have an excellent thumb lever that allows you to depress your follower so you can drop your rounds a lot easier.

When dropping your rounds, make sure you go halfway down such that the rim of the round goes precisely in the notch. I prefer using the first finger of my left hand to depress the follower since I load with my right hand. That way, you can drop your rounds down in without a problem.

The second thing you should be aware of is that the Ruger SR 22 has a magazine disconnect. So even if the safety is off, the trigger will not actuate anything internally. Its benefit is that if you are cleaning or handling the firearm and forget the presence of a round in the chamber or any similar situation, it will not go off accidentally. That’s the number one cause of firearm accidents.

So This becomes an excellent carry gun for training, getting your friends shooting, or even a carry for personal safety.

Another safety feature of this firearm is the safety switch. Safeties are mechanical devices subject to failure, and we never want to rely on a safety device like a magazine release or a thumb safety. To make ourselves believe that the firearm is more or less safe. Keeping your gun pointed in a safe direction, your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, and keeping a gun unloaded until ready to use are what keep a firearm safe.

With your rounds in there, it is easy to rack the slide. Pulling the slide back easily lets it go forward. If you have wrist or strength issues or want a smooth, excellent, easy-to-fire, and learn-on-carry gun, this is the gun for you.

You can adjust the rear sight for both elevation and windage. The tear-down is remarkably easy. You’ll pop the takedown lever off, pull back on the slide, pull straight up, and bring the slide forward – your firearm is taken apart.

The one thing you want to remember with the recoil spring and the guide rod is that the thicker part of the recoil spring goes toward the front of the barrel. If you have that turned around, it will not come together correctly.

Getting your gun back together is just the reverse of the takedown. Your fixed barrel, which doesn’t slide back and forth, will not come out during this process. To pop everything back in place, put the recoil spring back in the hole straight in the middle, start from the front with the spring, and catch it right in that little circle right there.

Once you catch the spring right in the circle, put the barrel in the guide, and then let the slide go forward. As the slide drops ahead, pop that takedown lever back in place, and the gun is ready to operate again.

The grip of this pistol is interchangeable, and it’s very easy to interchange. Just slide it off, and slide the new one on. It comes with three in the box to fit your palm perfectly.

An added safety feature is a peephole at the top that allows you to see the reflection of the snap cap or the live round inside. You can tell if the firearm is loaded without even touching the gun.

The last thing I’ll point out is that it’s got the Picatinny rail up front for your light laser flashlight or anything else you want to carry on your daily carry gun. It also comes in a variety of colors. I highly recommend the Ruger SR 22 for either training carry or just plugging into the range.


Ruger SR 22 3.5" BL, Ruger SR 22 3.5" BL/purple, Ruger SR 22 BL w/3 mags, Ruger SR 22 silver anodized slide, Ruger SR 22 4.5", Ruger SR 22 threaded barrel


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