Crazy Bones Target (With Crotch Shot)


Crazy-Bones Terrorist 25″x38″ Paper Shooting Targets

  • Features image depicting Islamic extremist threat (Osama Bin Laden or ISIS)
  • Critical zone targets for handgun, rifle, and shotgun self-defense training
  • Developed for stopping assailants with strategic shot placement.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Crazy-Bones targets are life-sized full-torso targets with anatomically correct skeletal structure showing through clothing. Scoring zones and scoring area are also clearly marked.

The critical kill zones (cranium, heart and lung, and pelvis) are illustrated in fluorescent yellow and are described in detail on the bottom of the target. Also on each target are notes about the three critical zones and the right circumstances to target each.These zones have been proven to be the best shot placements to stop an assailant effectively.

Whether you’re at the shooting range with your pistol, rifle, or shotgun, Thompson always gives you the optimum visual for every shooting application.


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