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These Cops Made a BIG Mistake…

Concealed Carriers MUST WATCH: Valuable Lessons Contained

Two cops arrive on a call.

Dude has a butcher knife.

You won’t believe what happens next.

11 thoughts on “These Cops Made a BIG Mistake…

  1. Definitely should have remained prepared to confirm threat has been eliminated, thank God he didn’t turn the officers gun on them.

    1. …I’m a MAGA hat wearing conservative: if that guy had been black, would the cops had behaved the way they did with the white guy???…NO!!…they gave the white guy all the chances in the world t to kill one of them, he took it, and went for it, if he had been stronger, he would have done so…black people or other minorities get shot on the spot, even for carrying a cell phone…oops, mistake!!…last time I saw a cop kill a black guy, front of 1036 stebbins ave, Bronx, NY. many , many years ago…he was drunk, dancing on the roof of his car, cop told him to come down, he didn’t, cop shot him in front of the block, everybody was watching…one round to the stomach, three minutes later, another round to the chest, that one killed the guy…just came from work, saw the whole thing, too…many witnesses, all threatened with jail by the cops…a Spanish guy, from Spain was the commander of the 43 pct. wouldn’t talk to the families…cops got off…my brother disappeared after an encounter with a cop from the same precinct, a lieutenant…witnesses said he was shot in the third floor of an abandoned building, three rounds to the chest by the liutenant,kid was not armed, fell thru a third window to the bacyard, survived, taken to a hospital where they stole his organs while still alive, hospital denied they had him…never got the body back…another guy with a shotgun confronted the cops,they started talking to him, shotgun guy got close enough and blew the head of a police sergeant, captured him alive…guess the color of his skin!!…white, of course!!…is there such a thing as white privilege??…you bet your patutie there is!!…I have enough stories to write a book, but this is it…for now!!…

      1. Sadly, that’s not necessarily so. In such cases you might have seen the same if not more leeway given. I would think that with the possibility of possible assertions of racisim being a part of the final judgement, that a white victim might ultimately get less leeway.

        In any case it was allowed to go on too long, wrong tools were used, and options to the officers were clearly limited.

        A knife is dangerous at 35 feet, deadly at 20, you can’t react in time. Taser has a 19 foot range and at that point darts can easily miss on one side or the other, and you have nothing, but a useless weapon in your hand, that you might not be able to drop and draw your firearm in time if rushed. Bean bag or rubber shotgun rounds would have been a better choice.

        The primary responsibility is to go home at night, equally on par with saving an innocent life.

        There is no value, award, reward, commemoration, commendation, that would be worth a crap to your family if you die needlessly.

        The “PC” mob diatribes have cops like this second-guessing their justifications. They need to be confident in actions and firm in their resolve. Letting this get away from them endangered both of them and the public in general.

        If he’d been able to fire the gun, one or both cops could have been dead, along with the driver of the car that he’d jack to get out of there, and it would really go downhill from there.

        Last but not least, what type of crappy ammo was used that allowed the suspect to get up and still be a danger after 6-7 round were fired at him. Any one of which should have put him down.

        Hopefully, they’ll investigate this and integrate this into their training scenarios going forward.

      2. To the guy that made this a “race” thing, 1st, you should be ashamed of yourself. Search internet, there are many, many videos of cops pleading and begging men of color to put their weapon down before having to use lethal force. 2nd, are you aware that white men shot by cops are double the amount than men of color. Not to mention, white men shot by cops isn’t as highly publicized by media, which, I believe I know why but that’s a different story. 3rd, the young man in video, I believe was Asian, 4th, death, assualt, any brutality against a human is sad. Suicide by police is becoming more and more a weapon of choice to these poor individuals who need help. With all the negativity, blame, finger pointing already so apparent in this world, must we bring race into EVERYTHING?
        Those cops didn’t want to kill him, he killed himself, black, white, yellow, purple, blood, all blood is red.

  2. Officer waited too long to defuse the situation. He should have used the taser/rubber slug shotgun way before the suspect made him walk to the road/intersection where the situation took became worse. As you said, make sure the threat is completely gone before approachiing the threat/suspect.Good video,a lesson worth remembering!

  3. i agree with david eide

  4. Knowing there was only a knife, taser should be the first option. They should have been pursuing the subject with tasers.

    1. Only a knife?

  5. I believe after three commands by the Officer, to put your weapon down …end it …Officers must have walked backwards for many blocks, opening up a avenue for this crazy man to them harm , and possibly others…Sad we have to deal with stupid people out there , but what it is in some cases…

  6. Agent gave to much ground and oportunities to this guy, as a law enforcement agent he didn’t use his training abilities and experience to stop the agression also walking backwards for such distance puts him in harms way, finally he could have avoid killing the agressor with a shot to the legs much earlier,. the guy didn’t have any intention to obey agent order to stop

  7. This never opened up. Could it have been suppressed. Gave up after 20 min.

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