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Tampa Cop’s 15 Year Old Son Killed

3 thoughts on “Tampa Cop’s 15 Year Old Son Killed

  1. Agreed.
    At 15, especially as an LEO’s child, this kid should have already been an accomplished marksman, and should have known the safety rules for handling a firearm.
    Even more important though, is he should have had the discipline to know better than to access the firearm when his dad wasn’t around.
    When I was growing up, my parents kept a loaded gun in their bedroom.
    I knew from the beginning not to touch it when Dad wasn’t there, and he also trained me how to use it with his supervision.
    It’s all about demanding respect and obedience from your kids.

  2. I could not agree more with teaching your kids to shoot and be responsible with a firearm. Some parents choose to not have a firearm in their house and that’s a choice i respect, but what happens when that child of theirs sees a gun at a friends house?
    I teach kids as a 4h instructor to shoot firearms. I teach them to shoot skeet, trap, small bore 3 position shooting, muzzleloader, and archery. They learn safety and respect for all disciplines, along with life skills. They compete 3 times a year and love the experience.
    I am proud of all the kids involved and am so grateful that programs like this exist.

    1. Thanks for such a great comment!

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