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“They shot my dog in the head… shot him in the neck… shot him in the back…”

The best possible scenario for a home invasion:

  1. Have early detection of an intrusion (Becky and Shawn did NOT have this)
  2. Have a plan of action in case of emergency (Becky and Shawn did NOT have this)
  3. Have a reliable firearm and the training to use it (Becky and Shawn did NOT have this)

Watch what happens…

11 thoughts on ““They shot my dog in the head… shot him in the neck… shot him in the back…”

  1. Thanks Andy, this says it all

  2. I live on 200+ acres of wooded land that has been in my family since 1907, I have a dog, I have a gun, if they, anyone comes here, they’ll be hauled away. I have a very loving pit bull, I want anyone to walk in unwelcome, I’m up every night til 12 or later, and leave my door wide open. I hate that for those people, but I live in the country, no neighbors at all, the only thieves around here are opossums and coons.

  3. The reason why you do what you do .
    Your our voice Andy , bless you and your mission

  4. People say this can’t happen to them. Me, I’m not taking any chances, you come in my home without permission this will be the last time you enter any home without permission. And if you shoot my dog that will also be the last time you shoot anything. My dogs are my kids and you won’t get away with shooting my family.

  5. Great story and even greater lesson!! Thks for sharing and thks to Shawn for offering to tell his story. We know Zeus made it, but what happened to Shawn after the event? Was he charged, detained & released, tried and acquitted? Besides the 6-7 hrs he spent in the drive, what else did he experience?

  6. This is a wake up call for every one get training and Cary you swoon but be smart and use it good judgment

  7. Zeus deserves Loyalty of the Year Award. He did not hesitate when the time came to put his life on the line to protect his family. That is something this Ole Nation of Ours is steadily losing, the Loyalty to this country that every American born Here and for those who came here and took an Oath to live by and to die by protecting the one thing and the only thing that allows us FREEDOM, HOPE, DREAMS and OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE and that thing is our CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS and you must know and understand is for us to keep the Dreams Alive we have to keep each and everyone of those Rights AS IT WAS WRITTEN TO STAY AS IT WAS WRITTEN OR WE HAVE NOTHING. This next comment is going to piss a lot of people off. This is my thoughts only but the 2nd AMENDMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL AMENDMENTS. If we let the Government change or take away the right to bare arms MARK MY WORDS PEOPLE THE LIFE YOU LEAD NOW YOU WILL NEVER HAVE AGAIN, NO ONE WILL. SO FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE FOR CHANGING THE 2ND AMENDMENT PLEASE READ AND USE THE 1ST AMENDMENT IF UR SO DAMN FED UP WITH UR FREEDOM AND FIND U ANOTHER COUNTRY TO BE UNHAPPY IN WHILE U CAN BECAUSE JUST REMEMBER if you help destroy our Constitution you’ve just FUCKED UR SELF WORSE.

  8. That’s an incredible story! Unfortunately I fear we’re coming to a point in time when it’s not only coke-heads we’ve gotta worry about. Keep up your mission and arm America. If the Germans were armed and informed, the Nazis never could have accomplished what they did. The more the government here continues to overstep its bounds, the more important it is that we, as an entire population, stay seemed and vigilant. Don’t tread on me!

  9. Andy, you are a Great Guy

  10. Andy I’m truly sorry I missed your phone calls unfortunately my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer yesterday and went under emergency surgery last night I didn’t know how to contact you so here it is I don’t know where this is going to go with my wife but anyway I am truly sorry for missing your calls hope you can forgive me

  11. I live in Massachusetts and winter in Dunnellon, FL.
    At home a loaded Glock 26 is my goto/carry weapon.
    In Florida, I carry a S&W M&P .380 EZ everywhere I go outside of my gated community.
    I go to the range every two weeks to practice with my Walther/Colt 1911 A1 .22 no matter where I am.
    I am a “No Bullshit” Senior, US Army veteran who: “Owns, Practices and Carries” and still have my 1947 Red Ryder BB rifle that was given to me when I was ten.

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