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Nevada Woman Brutally Beaten and Kidnapped

Home Owner Catches Woman’s Brutal Beating and Kidnapping – All On Video

A Nevada woman runs out of a white car at 12:48AM.

She desperately tries to get help.

This video is hard to watch – but a must-see for all who care about self-defense.

5 thoughts on “Nevada Woman Brutally Beaten and Kidnapped

  1. This is why I carry every day.


  3. I would’ve stomped that guy’s f****** ass!!

  4. Suggest to everyone , you play with the Devil , your sure to have serious issues …great example on video what can and will happen to you ..Pick your friends carefully . Don’t put yourself in a situation where you are not able to defend yourself …

  5. Bang Bang you bastard. You fully deserve what ever the law allows. You belong put away and off the streets.

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