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Nevada Woman Brutally Beaten and Kidnapped

Home Owner Catches Woman’s Brutal Beating and Kidnapping – All On Video

A Nevada woman runs out of a white car at 12:48AM.

She desperately tries to get help.

This video is hard to watch – but a must-see for all who care about self-defense.

7 thoughts on “Nevada Woman Brutally Beaten and Kidnapped

  1. This is why I carry every day.


  3. I would’ve stomped that guy’s f****** ass!!

  4. Suggest to everyone , you play with the Devil , your sure to have serious issues …great example on video what can and will happen to you ..Pick your friends carefully . Don’t put yourself in a situation where you are not able to defend yourself …

  5. Bang Bang you bastard. You fully deserve what ever the law allows. You belong put away and off the streets.

  6. The bad thing is that’s not the first time he’s treated her like that but she always goes back so you kind of have to blame her for not leaving them for the way he’s treating her the bad thing is their child will watch this abuse as it’s growing up

  7. A—hole does not need to be on the street. In any situation like this, she needed to be armed and dropped him where he stood. She could have stood her ground with a weapon, fired and I’ll bet none of this would have happened. He would have been dead or running like a rabbit!!

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