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Homeowner Forced to Shoot Intruders: 911 Call Released

A Texas man gets on the phone with 911. As intruders ransack his house, he takes cover until he is discovered. Listen as the entire episode unfolds – then: Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily!

New Gear: All Faster Than Dialing 911!

5 thoughts on “Homeowner Forced to Shoot Intruders: 911 Call Released

  1. It’s a damn shame that the police took so long to get there. It shook up the victim real bad. They might have saved the one that was shot, and caught the other guy It would have been nice to send them to prison

  2. Sad that the homeowner had to go through with this, Why did it take the police so long to get there? Sad that someone had to get shot but it was there fault, You Don’t get on another man’s Domain Uninvited, Period!!!!!!!

  3. Just where was this at? Because your right it took way to long for law enforcement to get there. Or maybe they were just taking their own sweet time (don’t know and can’t say ). But the homeowner had every right to do what he did, but he will have to live with the nightmare of his house being broken into and that he had to kill someone because the cops took so long to get there.

  4. So scary, what if he had a family,wife,children? Slow response time by police. I can’t say it’s their fault because I don’t know if the man lives in a really rural area but you must be able to defend your life.

  5. Break into my house you will be meet by my puppies, if you hurt them count your seconds because I’m right there. Always carry… protect your family.

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