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Unboxing the Bersa Thunder 380 Carry Pistol

With me, here is the Bersa Thunder 380, a legendary gun modelled very closely to James Bond’s Walther PPK.

Before we bust into this gun, we’ll first take the magazine out. As always, we’ll check that chamber to ensure it is empty and unloaded.

The firearm packaging consists of a trigger lock, a key, a single stack seven-round capacity magazine, and a user manual that has a lot, mostly just about firearm safety and handling a firearm safely in general, not a lot of descriptions about the gun itself.

Let’s get into the gun’s features. First, one of the most incredible things besides the look and feel of a Walther PPK is that the Bersa Thunder 380 is a little bigger than the PPK.

This gun feels super great to hold, especially for a single stack. It feels great in hand mainly because the grips extend slightly more from the gun. What’s more, they are interchangeable. You can use different grips as you wish.

The second coolest part about the whole thing is that the Bersa has a lock on it that allows you to lock down the entire system so that it can’t be used if it gets stolen from your vehicle or home. With this, you can be safe if you have kids at home, go on vacation, or leave the house at any given time.

Other features include an extended slide stop, making it easier to push the slide forward or lock it back. It’s pretty simple to move the slide around.

Another thing to note is that the magazine release is tucked out of the way. So as you operate the firearm, you’re less likely to accidentally press that magazine while shooting or drop it when carrying it in your purse or under duress.

The Bersa Thunder 380 has a manual de-cocker on it. When you initially load this firearm with your rounds and then pop in the magazine, the hammer will be locked back to the single action mode that brings your trigger further back. The benefit is that you have a shorter trigger pole to release that trigger and depress the hammer.

If it was in the double action mode, you’ve got to bring the hammer all the way back. So it leads to a more accurate shot placement in the single action mode.

The trigger system is a traditional single action, which means it can operate in either single action or double action. Most of the time, you will be in the single action mode because every time the gun is fired, the slides will come back and reset the hammer into single action mode unless it’s empty or a gun malfunctions. The single-action trigger feels good and is very impressive for a gun of this budget.

If the hammer is cocked back and you’re about to carry it, you may want to tuck on that thumb safety, which is going to de cock the hammer, by bringing it forward and placing a bar between the hammer and the firing pin. So there’s no chance of releasing the hammer with the de-cocker or striking the firing pin, making this a safety feature.

I like the rounded trigger. You may want to consider a round trigger because to be effective at shooting; you have to follow the five fundamentals, which are aiming, breath control, hold control, trigger control, and follow-through.

Follow-through and trigger control are some of the two most important fundamentals. When you have your finger on the trigger, the round shape keeps your finger in the same place every time. It is an effective way to maintain follow-through consistency before, during, and after the shot placement.

Let’s go ahead and tear down the gun. This platform is built off a blowback feature. When tearing it down, you must first pop the lever down and simultaneously pull the slide back, up, and back. You will notice a fixed barrel that is a little hard to get off. You can get it off more often for cleaning and maintenance. You definitely want to clean it before you shoot it because it comes with all that nasty grease from the factory.

We’re just going to pop the spring back into place, slide it back, and then make sure the takedown lever is down. Bring it back and down, takedown lever back up, and you’re back into position.

A final safety feature about this particular firearm is that you’ve got a magazine disconnect, which means even if the magazine is not in the gun, and the slide is forward, the safety is off, and the hammer back, the trigger is going to do nothing.

The benefit to the shooter is that if they’re cleaning it and forgot to remove all the rounds in the chamber and when taking it apart, you pull the trigger, you won’t end up with an accidental shooting.

The sights on this particular firearm are fixed. You can adjust the rear sight for windage but can’t do it for elevation. The front sight is fixed and cannot be adjusted whatsoever. They’re not night sights but have a low profile, and you can see them accurately.

All in all, for the budget of the Thunder 380, I would definitely recommend this firearm. It has got a steel slide and an alloy frame. It feels great in hand, and again for the budget, you can invest in it; this makes a great concealed carry gun.

Women love it because of the ease of use to pull the slide back, release it and lock it back. But I wouldn’t classify it as just a gun for ladies. It is an all-around phenomenal firearm for the price. And with the safety features mentioned, you can’t go wrong with the Thunder 380.


.223, .380ACP, .38SPL, .40S&W, .45ACP, 12g, 22LR, 5.56, 9MM



Frame Color

Black Slide, Pink Frame


Bersa Thunder 380 Pink/Black, Bersa Thunder 380 Slate/Black, Bersa Thunder 380 Duotone 380 ACP, Thunder Matte Lite 380 ACP, Thunder 380 Nickel Lite, Thunder 380 MT Lite, Thunder 380 Plus 380 ACP


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