AR15 Build Kit (WITH Lower Receiver)

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  • Complete kit (includes the lower receiver)
  • Cannot be shipped directly to your home (must be sent to a local gun store near you)
  • No special tools or experience is needed (anyone can build this!)

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New Opportunity To Build Your Own AR15!

Grab Your Build Kit Before Biden’s 2nd Amendment Attacks Get WORSE

Are Home Build Kits Going To Be Banned?

Right now, Joe Biden has announced executive orders against “ghost guns.” While these kits are not contained in his “ghost gun” executive orders, it is not a far leap to believe Biden will attack these in the future.

How Easy Is It To Build This Entire Gun?

Super easy.

Just buy the kit and we’ll send you a link to the build videos.

What Tools Will I Need To Build This AR15 Kit?

You’ll need a punch set and an AR15 armorer’s wrench.

Are There Any Other Parts I Need To Build A Complete AR15?

If you choose to purchase the AR15 Build Kit below, you are purchasing a non-firearm product that will build your entire kit.

Once you check out below, the next page will be an offer to purchase a lower receiver. This is a serialized “firearm” and must be shipped to a local gun store near you. This is the final part you need to build a complete firearm and will only cost you $59.

What Exactly Is In This Ar15 Build Kit?

  • (1) 16″ Barrel 1:8 Twist/Parkerized (USA Made)
  • (1) 5.56 NATO Bolt Carrier Group (USA Made)
  • (1) Slim Mlok Free Float Hand Guard15″ (USA Made)
  • ​(1) Lower Parts Kit w/Trigger & Hammer-(USA Made)
  • ​(1) Mil Spec 6-Position Stock
  • ​(1) .750 Gas Block
  • ​(1) Carbine Length Gas Tube
  • ​(1) Standard Receiver End Plate
  • ​(1) Mil-Spec/Commercial Castle Nut/Steel
  • ​(1) Mil-Spec Buffer Tube/Alum.
  • ​(1) 3 oz. Buffer
  • ​(1) Buffer Tube Spring
  • ​(1) Mil-Spec Charging Handle Alum.
  • ​(1) Dust Cover***
  • ​(1) Forward Assist
  • ​(1) A2- 1/2″x28 Thread Bird Cage A2 Muzzle Brake
  • ​(1) A2 Pistol Grip/Black (USA Made) 
  • ​(1) Upper Receiver 5.56/.233/.300AAC, M4 Feed Ramps (USA Made)

What lower receiver comes with this kit?

AR1 eXtreme

Multi-Caliber, Mil-Spec, AR15 Lower Receiver, manufactured in the USA of a high impact proprietary composite polymer.  This state-of-the-art polymer allows for superior strength, unmatched durability and is extremely lightweight only 4.3oz. The AR1 eXtreme is by far the strongest composite polymer lower on the market today. The key to any good project is the foundation and on an AR15, that is the lower receiver. The Ar1 eXtreme comes with a lifetime warranty; and of course, it’s Proudly American.


  • Superior strength – Built with proprietary composite polymer to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Unmatched durability – When most lowers dent or break the AR1 eXtreme bounces back to shape.
  • Extremely lightweight – 4.3oz • Accepts all standard MIL-SPEC uppers up to .50 Beowulf
  • Compatible with most current AR15 lower parts kits, grips, and stocks. The AR1 Lower Receiver is not designed for 9mm carbine builds.
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • Custom engraving – “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Here’s What Happens When You Buy Right Now:

  • The AR15 build kit will be leave the warehouse within 5 days directly to your home
  • Your lower receiver will be sent to our store first, and then shipped to a local gun store near you
  • If you don’t know of a local gun store, we will find one for you!


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