9mm Snap Caps for Training (5 Pack or 10 Pack)


Perfect for practicing your skills – AND for teaching others!

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Snap Caps are an important part of any training routine. They allow you to safely and effectively practice loading and unloading your firearm, fast reloads and clearing jams – all without having to use dangerous live rounds. Snap Caps also help improve your skills by teaching you how to properly handle a gun. The first benefit of using Snap Caps is that they are safe. Another benefit of using Snap Caps is that they improve your skills. Snap Caps also help you to learn how to properly handle a gun. One tip for getting the most out of your training sessions is to focus on one skill at a time. For example, if you are trying to improve your fast reloads, load your firearm with Snap Caps and practice as quickly and efficiently as possible. Another tip is to vary the number of Snap Caps you use in each session. This will help keep you from becoming too comfortable with the set amount.

Note for Future Firearm Instructors: You Can’t Teach Without These!

Firearm instructors rely heavily on Snap Caps when training others.

This is because they provide an opportunity for students to handle a gun without the risk of live ammunition. They also help instructors teach new shooters how to properly chamber a round and how to safely release the magazine. Using Snap Caps in your training will make you a better shooter and help you learn how to handle your firearm more safely. Snap Caps are an essential part of every serious shooter’s training regimen. Improve your skills today by adding them to your practice sessions. You’ll be glad you did!

How to Clear a Double Feed (Using Snap Caps)



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10 Pack, 5 Pack


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